Filling requests in batch mode

Batch Lend allows lenders to quickly process a set of requests with the same action and method or rejection reason at one time.


To fill a batch of requests, do the following:





Select Requests from the DOCLINE main menu.


Select Lend.


On the Batch tab of the Lend update window, enter the request number(s) in the input box. Separate request numbers with a space, a comma, or a carriage return (press Enter after each request number).


If requests were filled via the borrower’s preferred delivery method, and Service Type (copy, color copy, original), select Filled as Requested by Borrower.


If requests were filled via one of the borrower’s alternate delivery methods, select the appropriate delivery method from the Filled via drop-down list.


Note: Requests should be delivered by the borrower's preferred or one of their alternate delivery methods.  Be sure to update DOCLINE with the actual delivery method for the request once it has been completed.  Before sending by a delivery method not indicated by the borrower, please first check with the borrower that the delivery method is acceptable.


Click UPDATE button to process these requests.


The DOCLINE Requests Updated window appears with the request number(s) displayed in the order entered by the user.


To process additional requests, click Return.



Tip:  Lenders can quickly enter request numbers into the Request Numbers input box by using a barcode reader to scan the barcode printed on the DOCLINE receipt.


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