Individually filling a request

Single Lend allows lenders to select requests from a list of pending requests, to process a set of requests with differing actions, delivery methods, or Type and Service Type values.


To individually fill requests, do the following:





Select Requests from the DOCLINE main menu.


Select Lend.


On the Single tab of the Lend update window, select "Filled" in the Action column for the corresponding request.


Note: As each request number is updated with an Action, the values in the Method/Reason, Type and Service Type columns display the information specific to that request.  To view the request receipt, click the request number in the Request # column.


Change the values under the Method/Reason, Type and Service Type columns as needed for each request.


Note:  Requests should be delivered by the borrower's preferred or one of their network alternate delivery methods.  Be sure to update DOCLINE with the actual delivery method for the request once it has been completed.  Before sending by a delivery method not indicated by the borrower, please first check with the borrower that the delivery method is acceptable.


Click UPDATE to process these requests.


The DOCLINE Requests Updated window appears displaying the processed request number(s), with their corresponding action and delivery method displayed.


To process additional requests, click Return.


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