DOCLINE system actions (Time-Triggered Actions)

Several time-triggered actions occur automatically in DOCLINE, based on the service level of the request (Normal, Rush, Urgent Patient Care) and length of time an ILL request is in the system and the action that has been taken on it.


For Normal Requests:



For Rush and Urgent Patient Care Requests:



Note: Weekends are not counted in the calculation of days.  Only Monday - Friday (Eastern Time) count as business days, excluding the holidays listed below.


For Loansome Doc Requests:


Time-Triggered Actions run between 12:05 AM - 12:15 AM (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday, except the holidays noted below. Users should avoid receipting and updating requests while the system is running time-triggered actions.
Time-triggered actions do not run on the following U.S. national holidays*:


The following U.S. federal holidays count as business days for time-triggered actions because many libraries are open:


*Note: When one of these holidays falls on a non-work day (Saturday or Sunday), the holiday is usually observed on Monday-if the holiday falls on Sunday, or Friday-if the holiday falls on Saturday.