Lending Overview

The Lend feature allows DOCLINE libraries to update the status of requests received by their institution. Libraries can update their requests in batches or individually.  The default update method can be set in the Lending Preferences portion of the Institution record.


The Batch Lend feature allows libraries to quickly process requests with the same action. Possible actions are "filled as requested", "filled as indicated" by a single delivery method, or "rejected" with a single rejection reason. Batch Lend provides the ability to use a barcode scanner to enter the request number. In Batch Lend, the user types, pastes or scans the request number(s) to process the request.


The Single Lend feature allows libraries to update multiple requests individually with different actions and reasons at the same time. The Single Lend feature also allows libraries to update the "Type", "Service Type", and "Delivery Method" values as appropriate for each request. In Single Lend, the user selects the request to process from a list of outstanding requests.  Single Lend also allows the user to view and print the request receipt.


If a Normal request has not been updated within two (2) working days of receipt, a message is displayed on the DOCLINE Home page. Requests not updated after three (3) working days of receipt are automatically rerouted by DOCLINE.


If a Rush or Urgent Patient Care request is not updated the next business day following receipt, DOCLINE automatically reroutes the request to the next potential lender. Libraries that offer Rush or Urgent Patient Care service should consider using the Lend Alert feature that sends an email notification each time a new request routes to a library.




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