Rejection Reasons

Rejection Reasons are chosen by a potential lender as a reason for not filling a request.


Rejection Reason



The lender holds the item requested, but it is currently at the bindery and unavailable for loan or copying.


The request was canceled by the lender at the borrower's request.


The material is held, but the physical condition of the volume or issue prohibits lending or copying.

Copy limit

The number of pages requested exceeds the copy limit imposed by this institution.


The lender has determined that this request is in violation of copyright compliance. This request has retired.


The lender's minimum cost to supply the requested item is greater than the maximum cost authorized by the borrower. This request has retired.

In Process

The material has been received, but is not yet ready for use.

In Use

The lender reports the volume/issue was in use and unavailable for loan or copy at the time of the request.


The lender believes that the citation on the request is either incomplete or incorrect. This request has retired.


The lender holds the title, but is missing the requested issue or volume.

License Restriction

The lender's journal subscription prohibits ILL under the conditions specific to this request.  For example, subscription prohibits ILL from the online journal to libraries outside the lender's country.


The lender declares this title or volume/issue is lost or withdrawn from its collection.


The lender holds this item, but reports that it is not available for loan.

Not yet received

The title is owned, but lender reports volume/issue has not yet been received.

Not on shelf

The lender holds this item, but reports that it was not on the shelf at the time the request was received.

On order

The item has been ordered, but has not been received by the library.


Request was rejected for a reason other than those listed. Please check with lender.

Title not owned

The requested title is not owned by the lending library.


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