Routing and Removal Reasons

Routing Reasons are system generated during the routing process. Removal Reasons are system generated in Time-triggered actions.


Routing Reasons



The request was prefixed (sent directly) to this institution by the borrowing library.

Cells 1-9

The request routed to the institution based upon its cell position (1-9) in the borrower's Routing Table.


The request routed to a resource library based on the borrower's checkbox for refer to Resource Libraries on the Routing Instructions page.


Request routed to NLM based on borrower's Routing Instructions. Requests route to NLM when route to NLM is selected.

All Other Libraries

Based upon the Routing Instructions, the request routed to the institution as part of refer on after NLM. The All Other Libraries checkbox offers the option to have a request routinely route to an additional 20 libraries if NLM cannot fill it or if the borrower did not select route to NLM.

M/A/N Map

The request routed to this lender based on the borrower's monograph, audiovisual, non-Serial Holdings map (M/A/N Map) values in the Routing Instructions.



Removal Reason


Not acted upon

DOCLINE rerouted the request after 3 days because the lender did not take action after "receipting" the request.

Not receipted

Lender did not receipt the request within one business day.


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