Canceling a request

To cancel a request, do the following:





Select Requests from the DOCLINE main menu.


Select Status/Cancel.


Retrieve your request(s) by entering the request number(s), patron name or email address in the Request # or Patron box


under Define Search Limits select search criteria, (e.g., “DOCLINE” or “Loansome Doc”, “Borrow” or “Lend”), choose request status (e.g., “Pending”, “Filled”) and set the date range you wish to search within.  Requests are available for 150 days from date of Final Action (filled or rejected).



Request data is displayed in the following columns: Request #, Request Info, Action Date, Action and Institution.  Requests can be sorted Oldest to Newest, Newest to oldest, by Action, Patron Name, Institution, Service Level or Citation. To change sorting, select Sorted By at the top of the page, and make selections under View Options.



To view a request, click the request number under the Request # column.


Mark request(s) to cancel by selecting checkbox(es).














Click Cancel under Actions for Selected Requests.

Note: Only pending requests are eligible for cancellation.


Requests with the following statuses can be canceled immediately.

New - new request entered by borrower, but not yet received by a lender.

Rerouted Online - request was not filled by previous lender, and rerouted to the next potential lender.

Rerouted TTA - rerouted because of DOCLINE time-triggered actions after potential lender did receipt or act upon the request.


Requests that have been Received by an institution can only be marked for cancellation. Since the potential lender may be in the process of filling a Received request, DOCLINE will note that a cancellation is pending. The institution can update the request as "Filled". If the request is updated as "Not Filled" by the lender, the request is immediately canceled. Borrowers can call the lender to notify them of the pending cancellation, but please understand if the lender's workflow does not permit this accommodation.


Note: NLM cannot respond to requests to cancel a request that has been received by NLM.


System displays cancellation status.

Click Return to view remaining requests.