Routing by M/A/N Map (Monographs, A/V or non-NLM serial requests)

Because no holdings records are available for monographs and non-NLM serial items, requests route only to the institutions listed on your Routing Instructions page.  


The following algorithm determines the routing order:


1. LIBIDs on Routing Instructions page.

Holdings are not checked.

Request is routed sequentially by Row (1-9) to the institutions designated IF


a. LIBID is valid AND

b. The selected preferred network delivery method OR one of the network alternate delivery methods is supported by that institution AND

c. the institution is an active DOCLINE participant at the time of routing AND

d. the institution provides the selected level of service (if above Normal) AND

e. the institution provides color copy service (if selected) AND

f. the institution is an EFTS participant (if selected).


2.  NLM (if selected)

NLM holdings are not checked.

Request will route to NLM IF


a. Route to NLM checked AND

b. NLM provides the level of service selected AND

c. NLM is an active DOCLINE participant at the time of routing.


Note: Delivery methods are not checked in the routing of an Original (loan) request since these are all assumed to be “Mail” delivery.



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