Managing Embargo Periods on Holdings

Holdings Records for electronic journals contain fields for indicating ILL embargo periods. 


For libraries participating in LinkOut, DOCLINE automatically sets e-journal holdings records to ‘Use LinkOut Embargoes’ for titles found in LinkOut. If the LinkOut embargo differs from the ILL embargo, or the library does not participate in LinkOut, users can manually edit embargo information.


Users can choose to retrieve individual records for editing, or using Show All My Holdings combined with Additional Filters can choose groups of records to edit, e.g. all ‘electronic format’ holdings, or all holdings with LinkOut Embargoes, or similar limits.


Note: Libraries may choose to indicate that a title has no embargo by entering 0 (zero) in “Embargo Period:_ Months” in the holdings record.  This serves as an indication that the serial has been reviewed and updated for embargoed content.




Select Serial Holdings from the DOCLINE Main Menu.


On the Update/View Search page, under Filters, make sure the checkbox for My Library is selected.


Enter a search term into one of the four Bibliographic Search fields, choose desired filters and click SEARCH


click Show All My Holdings.


If more than one serial title is displayed, select the appropriate bibliographic title.


Click Edit.


Update Embargo data as appropriate.

Libraries may manually enter an embargo period by entering the number of months in the Embargo Period field. LinkOut libraries must first set Use Linkout Embargo to ‘No’, then input number of months.


Click SAVE.