Serial Holdings Overview

DOCLINE Serial Holdings contains the holdings data for participating medical libraries across the United States and Canada. DOCLINE provides users with the ability to add, update, and delete holdings for serials held by their own library, as well as to search and view holdings for specific serials owned by other libraries.


As DOCLINE is an interlibrary loan system, holdings reported within DOCLINE are only for serials from which libraries can provide interlibrary loan service. Electronic serials, including those available free online, should not be reported in DOCLINE unless the library has a specific license to provide interlibrary loan service from the title.


Accurate Serial Holdings records are the key to efficient DOCLINE routing. DOCLINE uses the holdings data to determine which libraries report owning the requested materials. Once holdings are determined, DOCLINE then uses the potential lenders’ service profile and the requestor’s borrowing preferences to determine which lending libraries to route the request to.


Serial Records contain the following bibliographic information:

a. Journal Title

b. NLM Unique ID


d. Publisher

e. Place of Publication

f. Publication Dates

g. Frequency

h. Continuation Notes (if available)


Individual Holdings records consist of:

a. Physical Format

b. Acquisition Status

c. Retention Policy

d. Holdings Owned

e. Completeness

f. Embargo indication (if electronic)

g. MedPrint Commitment indication (if print)


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