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Coordinator Info contains contact information for DOCLINE Serial Holdings Coordinators. For a general overview of administrative responsibilities and creating user accounts, see DOCLINE Serial Holdings Administrative Information.


The DOCLINE Serial Holdings Coordinator Information Screen tab displays when the Coordinator name hyperlink is clicked on the DOCLINE Serial Holdings Coordinator List Screen. This tab allows contact information to be updated or viewed. Regional DOCLINE Coordinators will be able to update Coordinator Information records for users in their own region and update some information for their own record. The Authorization tab allows authorizations to be viewed or updated -- coordinators cannot update their own authorizations. For information on viewing authorizations, see DOCLINE Serial Holdings Authorizations.


Data Displayed


Coordinator Name

The Coordinator's name. This is a required field.

User ID

The ID that the Coordinator uses to log in to DOCLINE. This is a required field.

Coordinator Type

Type of Coordinator. For Regional DOCLINE Coordinators, values that display are Regional DOCLINE Coordinator and DOCLINE Serial Holdings Sub-Coordinator. For the NLM Serial Holdings Administrator, values that display are NLM Serial Holdings Administrator, NLM Staff, Regional DOCLINE Coordinator, and DOCLINE Serial Holdings Sub-Coordinator. Definitions of these coordinators and their responsibilities are located in DOCLINE Serial Holdings Administrative Information. The default for Regional DOCLINE Coordinators is DOCLINE Serial Holdings Sub-Coordinator.


The Coordinator's job title.


The Coordinator's LIBID. This is a required field. If the Coordinator does not have a LIBID, you can use the LIBID for the RML.


The Coordinator's region. Drop-down values include 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 20, and 21.


The Coordinator's mailing address.


The Coordinator's city.


A drop-down selection box for the Coordinator's state/province.

Province (Other)

The province for a non-Canadian Coordinator.

Zip/Mail Code

The Coordinator's U.S. zip code or non-U.S. mail code.


The Coordinator's country.

Phone Country Code

The Coordinator's phone country code. This is not necessary for Coordinators in the United States.

Area Code

The Coordinator's phone area code.


The Coordinator's phone number.


The Coordinator's phone extension number.

Email Address

The Coordinator's Email address.




Button Definition

Update Coordinator

Saves any changes made to the Coordinator Information record.


Removes all user input.

Delete Coordinator

Deletes the Coordinator Information record and the authorizations associated with that coordinator. To delete the USERID, use the user account option under the RML or NLM function.


Returns the user to the Coordinator List. No changes will be retained.


Retrieves this Help Window.