DOCLINE Serial Holdings Delete ALL Holdings for a Library



Only Regional DOCLINE Coordinators can delete ALL holdings for a library. Libraries can delete their own holdings title by title; however, if a library closes, it is the responsibility of the Regional DOCLINE Coordinator to remove ALL holdings for that library.


The DOCLINE Serial Holdings Delete ALL Holdings for a Library screen appears when a Regional DOCLINE Coordinator clicks on the Merge/Delete menu option under the Serial Holdings Menu and then clicks on the "Delete" tab. A drop-down list of LIBIDs for those libraries within the region displays.




Button Definition


Removes all user input.

Delete Holdings

Brings up confirmation window and allows user to cancel or click OK to delete the holdings.


Retrieves this Help Window.


When Delete Holdings is clicked, a confirmation window appears which displays information about the library and the number of holdings being deleted for that library. To confirm the deletion click OK; to cancel the deletion, click Cancel.





Button Definition


Deletes the holdings for that LIBID.


Returns user to the Delete Holdings from Library screen. No holdings have been deleted.


To Delete the holdings, click OK. A message displays stating the LIBID and the number of holdings that were deleted. To continue, click OK.