Institution Overview

The DOCLINE institution record contains all of the information for libraries in DOCLINE; from location and contact information to borrowing defaults, borrowing and lending statistics, services and settings. Keeping your institution record up-to-date provides accurate information for other DOCLINE libraries and increases efficiency in borrowing and lending.


The information includes directory information for the institution and library staff; interlibrary loan services and levels of service provided; delivery methods provided; charges and fee information; DOCLINE and NN/LM membership data; and DOCLINE specific information including borrow request default values and lend preferences.


Certain elements of the Institution record are visible to other DOCLINE libraries including address information, ILL fees and services information, lending fulfillment statistics, library group membership and contacts.


Each institution in DOCLINE is assigned a unique library identifier referred to as the LIBID.  The LIBID consists of six alphabetic characters.  For U.S. and Canadian institutions, it begins with a two-letter US MARC Geographical Code (U.S. State or Canadian Province code), followed by a U for U.S. or a C for Canada and ends with three unique alphabetic characters. The LIBID for other countries consists of the first two letters of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) code, followed by the letter X and then three unique alphabetic characters. Once a LIBID has been assigned to a library, it cannot be changed.