Moving institutions in your Routing Table




On the DOCLINE navigation bar, select Institutions


On the DOCLINE sub navigation bar, select Update <LIBID> where <LIBID> is your institution's LIBID


Your library's institution record is displayed


Click DOCLINE Options on the Institution Navigation bar


Click the Edit Routing Table link on the Institution Navigation bar


Click Edit Routing Table in the "Serial Routing": area of the DOCLINE Options page


Your "Proposed" Routing Table and its associated Workspace displays.


The Proposed tab allows you to edit your Routing Table and consists of your Routing Table currently used by DOCLINE for routing plus any changes you have made (additions, deletions, moves).  The Workspace contains any libraries which you have added from Institution Search, added via "Add to Workspace", or previously moved from the current Routing Table. The Workspace also contains any Library Groups to which your library belongs that are not currently in your Routing Table. 


Note: If there are pending saved changes, then the “Compare” tab will display with the reminder message “Click REQUEST APPROVAL to notify your RML to activate these proposed changes”.


In the "Proposed Routing Table", click on the cell number which contains the institution(s) or Library Group to be moved.


Select the institution(s) or Library Group to be moved by clicking the checkbox next to the institution name.


In the "Proposed Routing Table", select "Move to Cell #" from the list box and press Go


To move additional libraries or another Library Group , repeat Step 5-7


Click SAVE.

The message “Click REQUEST APPROVAL to notify your RML to activate these proposed changes” displays.


Click Request Approval once all changes have been made.  This notifies your RML to review your Routing Table changes.  The message "Routing table is awaiting RML approval" will appear in the "Activity and Status" area of the Home page, as well as on each tab of your routing table.


Note:Routing Table changes do not take effect until your RML approves them.  Once approval has occurred, the message on your Home page will be removed.


Tip:  Institutions can be moved into the Workspace for later use.  Just as with the Routing Table, remember to Save when adding, deleting, or moving libraries into or out of the Workspace before leaving the Update Routing Table page.


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