Modifying your interlibrary loan service options




On the DOCLINE navigation bar, select Institutions.


On the DOCLINE sub navigation bar, select Update <LIBID> where <LIBID> is your institution's LIBID.


Your library's institution record is displayed.


Click Services & Fees on the Institution Navigation bar. Review and modify the ILL services values by clicking the appropriate radio button.


Participates in EFTS: indicates whether library participates in the Electronic Fund Transfer System which allows lenders to submit charges electronically and automatically collect fees from other participating libraries. For information on EFTS, see our FAQs or Contact Your RML.


Note:To begin or end EFTS participation, contact EFTS staff directly at (860) 679-4500.


Provides Color Copies: indicates whether your institution can provide color reproductions of articles requested via the delivery methods you offer.


Fills Rush Requests and Fills Urgent Patient Care Requests: indicates what level of expedited service your institution can provide borrowers over and above 'normal'. Rush requests must be processed the same day, while Urgent requests should be processed immediately.


Note: Libraries must be sufficiently staffed on a daily basis if choosing to offer Rush or Urgent Patient Care service. Lenders providing Urgent Patient Care service should check for new requests at least every 2 hours and should consider using the Lend Alert feature that sends an email notification each time a new request routes to the library.


Service Comments should briefly describe institution ILL services, hours, and key information.

Enter comments about your institution's ILL services.


Click Save.




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