Modifying your loan service options and fees




On the DOCLINE navigation bar, select Institutions


On the DOCLINE sub navigation bar, select Update <LIBID> where <LIBID> is your institution's LIBID.


Your library's institution record is displayed.


Click Services & Fees on the Institution Navigation bar.


Click Loan Services and Fees on the Institution Navigation bar


Scroll down to the "Loan Services and Fees" area


For Audio/Visual, Books, and Journals, indicate whether or not your library will loan these material types by selecting either Yes or No.  


  • If Yes, indicate whether your library will renew loans for these material types.

  • If Yes to Loans, indicate your library's base fee and loan period.

  • If Yes to Renewals, indicate your library's renewal period.


For Audio/Visual, Books, and Journals, enter any comments explaining services and/or fees.

Note: Libraries are encouraged to include their service standards in the "Service Comments" field under ILL Services.  For example, "same day service for requests received by 9am  ET", or "1 day turn around."  This will assist libraries to select institutions to include in their routing tables.


Add any surcharges your library adds to its base fee for specific services or conditions.  Select the surcharge type from the pull down list and click Add Surcharge.  Enter the surcharge amount and explanatory comments.


For example "2 hour service, Mon-Fri 8am - 3pm EST"


Indicate whether your library provides loan service to international libraries by selecting the Yes or No radio button.  If you select Yes, indicate to which countries you provide service.  If you choose Selected Countries, click Add/Delete Countries.  


Select the countries served in the Countries popup window and click Save.


Click Save on the "Services & Fees" screen.