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Establishing DOCLINE User Accounts

Maintaining DOCLINE User Accounts

Logging in

Third-Party ILL System Integration




Establishing DOCLINE User Accounts

How do I connect my Google account to DOCLINE?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the 'Apply now' button in the bottom left, below "Don't have an account?"
  3. Fill out the Contact Information portion.  Be sure to supply the email address you used to create your google account!
  4. If your library is already in DOCLINE, supply your LIBID.
  5. If your library is not already in DOCLINE, complete the section about your library.
  6. Click 'Sign up'.

What if I can’t access Google accounts from my library?

We know that this move to Google accounts is challenging for some users. The National Institutes of Health IT supports Google log in for use of NIH resources, including NLM's DOCLINE, via their iTrust user authentication portal.

We recommend that DOCLINE participants who are unable to create a Google account (even without Gmail) work with local IT support to get an exemption for Google authentication for use with DOCLINE. If you need further information or assistance with this process, please contact us.

Is GMAIL required for using DOCLINE?

Gmail is not required to use DOCLINE. The system uses Google accounts for secure login only. NLM suggests users set up individual Google accounts based on existing work email addresses.

DOCLINE has moved to using the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) solution for user authentication via Google because it centralizes account maintenance for NLM web resources, offers tremendous security improvements, and improved user self-service like ‘I forgot my password’.

I cannot use GMAIL at my institution, how do I set up my DOCLINE account?

Gmail is not required to use the new DOCLINE system. Although the new DOCLINE uses the Google account system as part of the login process, any email address can be used with your DOCLINE google account.

Can Google Accounts Be Shared Or Does Everyone Need Their Own Google Account?

NLM recommends that each person have a Google account to log in to the redesigned DOCLINE. Individual accounts for each user makes tracking requests and other actions simple.

For libraries with multiple users, each user must have an individual Google account with a unique email address. The email address supplied in the user account does not have to correspond to the library's delivery email address. Mail will not be sent to the email address unless it already appears in other places in DOCLINE.

In the new DOCLINE, the “switch library” feature allows a single user account to be 'linked' to multiple libraries. One user can use the same Google account for all of the libraries they have access to.

How do I set up my Google Account if I do not have access to a cell phone or a direct line?

When you are asked for a mobile phone number, supply any phone number that you readily have access to and proceed as if it were a mobile number. On the subsequent screen where you are supposed to enter the texted verification code, you have the option to choose "Call instead." Choose this option to receive your verification code via a voice phone call rather than a text message


Maintaining DOCLINE User Accounts

How do I change or reset my DOCLINE 6.0 password?

All DOCLINE account passwords are managed through your Google Account. Sign in and change your password from within Google Accounts. You can find step-by-step instructions for changing or resetting a Google Account password at:

I forgot my DOCLINE 6.0 password / Google Account password. How do I recover my lost password?

All DOCLINE account passwords are managed through your Google Account. Please reset your Google Account password and then login to DOCLINE again.

To reset your Google Account password, go to the Google Account Recovery page and follow the prompts. You can find step-by-step instructions for changing or resetting a Google Account password at:


Trouble-shooting Login

How Do I Check to Make Sure My Google Account Works?

Confirm access to your Google Account by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the email address and password you used when signing up for your DOCLINE 6.0 Google Account where it says "email or phone." Do not enter your phone number. If you have forgotten which email you have used, click "forgot email" and follow the prompts.
  3. Click "next"
  4. Enter the password associated with your DOCLINE 6.0 Google Account
  5. Click "next"
  6. Verify that you can view a screen that says "control, protect and secure your account, all in one place." This confirms that you have accessed your Google Account.

What should I do if it says "Permission Denied. You do not have permission to view this page?

Permission denied indicates a mismatch between the Username you have signed in with, and the Username that DOCLINE was expecting. 

Federal libraries using a PIV or CAC card to log in should:

  1. Close your browser completely
  2. Re-launch your browser
  3. Log in again, choosing a different certificate ('email' or 'signature' certificate, if known)

Non-federal libraries and federal libraries using Google login should:

  1. Find the email address listed as "CAS Username" in the Permission Denied message box.
  2. Go to, then log out of that email account. Ideally, delete the account if you no longer need that gmail address. 
  3. Return to and log back in using the email address you originally connected to DOCLINE 6.0. 

If you still see the "Permission Denied" screen with the same email (CAS Username) despite taking these actions, you have three options: 

Permission Denied screen

Which Account Type do I choose from the pull-down menu on the NIH iTrust page?

Most users should choose Social login/OpenID.  Federal library staff with PIV or CAC cards should choose Fed PIV Only.  NIH staff may use NIH Staff option.

Which Social Login/OpenID option do I choose?

Choose Google, after choosing Account Type 'Social Login/OpenID' on the previous NIH iTrust page.


Third-Party ILL System Integration

Will My Third-Party ILL System (CLIO, ILLIAD, QUICKDOC, RELAIS, TIPASA) Work With DOCLINE? What Are The Plans For Integrating DOCLINE With Other ILL Systems?

NLM is working with third-party vendors so they are able to integrate their products with DOCLINE 6.0.  NLM plans for DOCLINE data to be accessible by other ILL software via APIs. We do not yet have a schedule for the release of the APIs. Continue to watch the DOCLINE homepage for announcements about this feature.



Why is DOCLINE 6.0 being released with only limited features?

DOCLINE 6.0 will be released iteratively beginning in November 2018. This process allows us to make new features available as quickly as possible. The initial release will include key tasks identified through testing and system usage analysis. New features will be added on a continuous basis over the next months based on priority. Please continue to send us your feedback; your suggestions will be considered for possible inclusion in a future update.

What happened to Tugger?

Tugger, the canine mascot for the DOCLINE system, was retired when DOCLINE was redesigned in 2018. The 2018 redesign featured a look-and-feel that was consistent with U.S. web design standards. Tugger was excluded from the designs to facilitate a more uniform appearance across Federal websites and NLM web products.