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DOCLINE® Library Responsibilities

Maintaining DOCLINE Eligibility

To stay a DOCLINE participant, a library must fulfill these responsibilities, which ensure requests route quickly and accurately through the system:

  1. Configure Lend Alert emails to ensure timely Receipt and Update of Requests.
  2. Use Library Schedule and Out of Office dates to reflect Library’s availability.
  3. Lend to other DOCLINE libraries.
  4. Follow copyright law and/or guidelines as appropriate.
  5. Annually review and update your Library Profile and Routing Tables.
  6. Annually review and update a minimum of ten (10) DOCLINE Journal Holdings Records for journals from which you can provide ILL.
  7. Notify your DOCLINE Coordinator’s office of any changes to your library’s participation in DOCLINE.
  8. Subscribe to NLM's DOCLINE email updates via GovDelivery to get news from NLM about the system.

Libraries may also:

Last Reviewed: August 7, 2020