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DOCLINE User Feedback

Thanks for your feedback! 

In the months to come, DOCLINE will be issuing new releases with added features. We are reviewing user feedback as part of the evaluation process that will help determine what will be included in future versions. Enhancements are evaluated for other factors too, including how often, and widely used the proposed functionality will be, and the complexity and difficulty of the coding, testing and support of the feature.

To suggest an enhancement for this list, write to the Help Desk.


These are the features or areas you've said we should prioritize for development, grouped by category.


  • Order via PubMed 
  • Order via LocatorPlus
  • Order via NLM UID (completed)
  • Order via DOI
  • Place order button at top of page (completed)
  • Multiple PMID request ordering (in progress)
  • Resubmit request
  • Alert: Copyright (completed)
  • Alert: Duplicate request (completed)
  • Alert: Free article
  • Alert: Owned journal
  • Shorten request form page length
  • Contact library
  • Default borrow comments box


  • Batch upload of holdings
  • Edit package holdings
  • Embargo search filter (completed)
  • Additional journal search filters (completed)


  • Update individual requests / single lend
  • Batch lend 10+ items



  • Filled requests: display delivery method (completed)


  • Offer 'brief' receipts
  • View
  • Increase font size
  • Requesting library LIBID on front (completed)
  • Select / deselect all for receipt / request printing (completed)


  • Holdings report
  • List of lenders
  • Fill rate (completed)
  • Turnaround time (completed)
  • Monthly activity summary (completed)


  • Manual request needs to use automatic routing table (completed)


  • Printable documentation

Last Reviewed: August 27, 2019