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DOCLINE Winter Webinar - Q & A

These are the cumulated user questions and answers from the December 15, 2021 Winter Update.


Book Ordering
How can I request a book or book chapter using DOCLINE?

A: When you need to get a book chapter, or to borrow the whole book, choose “Place Request – Manual” from the Borrow menu.  The current Manual Request option is designed to be used for borrowing material from journals and books.

A new “Place Request – Book/Chapter” order form, for books and chapters with LocatorPlus records, is slated to be developed in FY22.  The Manual form will remain as an option under Borrow for requesting items not in LocatorPlus.

Routing Tables Q: How do I review and update my routing table cells?

A: Routing tables can be viewed and edited via the “Manage Library” option in the Libraries menu. Refer to “What should I review in my DOCLINE routing table” support article, or see the User Manual (pg. 42) on configuring and updating routing cells for more details.

Borrowers may also check existing lender performance in their Borrow Request Detail reports which include Lender performance statistics.


Third Party ILL Software
Q: When will improved integration with other ILL systems (e.g. Tipasa, CLIO, QuickDoc, Illiad, et al) be available, and what form will that take?

A: Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are planned for development so that external ILL systems can be programmed to use them, and they can interact more seamlessly with DOCLINE request data.

The first phase of this work will begin in FY22 and will include outreach to interested external ILL system providers to perform a needs assessment.

Q: When will DOCLINE re-integrate ordering from PubMed?

A: While greater interoperability between NLM products is part of the new NLM long range plan, PubMed re-integration is not currently on our roadmap.  

However, when the new PubMed API is made available by NCBI, DOCLINE will be updated to use it. This will ensure new PMIDs are available to order in the system.

Q: I'd like to easily import DOCLINE records into something like Zotero.  This works easily when there is a DOI number, but does not work if there is no DOI in the DOCLINE record.  Any chance DOCLINE could make the necessary changes to the DOCLINE records so they could be easily imported with all the meta data for all DOCLINE records?

A: As mentioned above regarding integration with other systems, plans call for phased development of ‘Request APIs’. Additional integration may be considered in later phases.


Holdings Batch Update Q: When will Journal Holdings Batch Update be available?
A: Journal Holdings Batch Update is currently in development and is planned for release before the end of the fiscal year. 
If you would like to volunteer to provide feedback and/or test this feature, contact NLM to add your name and LIBID to the volunteers list.
Journals Search

Q: Can DOCLINE Journal search be fixed to work better for title search for titles with diacritics?

In internal tests, titles with and without diacritics returned the same search results.



Lend Alert Emails

Q: How can I set up alert emails when requests route to my library to be filled?

Lend Alerts are turned on via the Manage Library option in the Libraries menu (User Manual pg. 46). 


Q: Can Lend Alert Emails be sent to multiple staff members?

Lend Alert emails are sent to the Lender’s ‘delivery email address’ as well as to every Contact listed that is marked with the ‘ILL’ role.

Reduce requests for embargoed items

Q: Can I limit the Lend requests I receive for articles that fall within my subscription’s embargoes?

Reducing the number of requests routing to lenders with embargoes indicated in journal holdings records is on our FY22 roadmap. 

Library Groups



How do we filter by or find members of library groups?

Library Groups and five other new filters were added to DOCLINE libraries search in fall 2021.



This browser or app may not be secure

Q: I connect with DOCLINE using another ILL system and have been using a google account to login without issue. Suddenly, I can no longer connect to DOCLINE, while others in my library still can. What is NLM’s suggestion for resolving this issue?

There is a known issue with many 3rd Party ILL systems that use Internet Explorer (IE) in the background to access DOCLINE. Because IE is no longer considered a secure, modern browser, Google login no longer supports it. Different users may experience this issue at different times, depending on their account activity and other factors.
- Some ILL systems have released, or intend to release updated versions that incorporate newer browsers to solve this problem for their users.
- Some users who have experienced this issue have changed to using a account instead of a Google account for DOCLINE login.




Q: When will NLM resume lending?

To receive emails with news updates about NLM's interlibrary loan service, subscribe to the NLM ILL bulletin.

 New Staff

Q: What should I do when adding a new employee?

New staff need to register for DOCLINE user accounts and may also be listed as DOCLINE contacts in your Library Profile.  Refer to the User Manual, section 1.6 “User Account information” for getting new accounts, and section 7.1 “Manage Library” > “Contacts”.


Q: Why is Canada not included as a Region?

DOCLINE was initially developed with, and for, the “National Network of Libraries of Medicine” (NNLM) funded by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, therefore Canada was not part of the original network. When DOCLINE participation was extended to Canadian libraries, they became Region 20.


Q: Through FOIA, can third parties ever request a copy of these [request] reports from our libraries?

DOCLINE Libraries’ own ILL request data/reports are not FOIA-able as FOIA requests are only for government documents that are not publicly available.



Library Groups

Q: Are there request activity reports for Library Groups?

There are no Library Group-limited Request or Holdings Reports.  Please contact NLM with specific suggestions for new Request or Holdings Reports that would be helpful to your library.


Q: Can I filter my Journal Requests Reports for Copyright Compliance?

The annual Borrower Request Reports, Detailed by Journal, do include data that could help monitor compliance (the number of articles requested from a single title, and the years of the articles themselves).  There are no filters that can be applied to automatically generated Request Reports.

Last Reviewed: November 14, 2022