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Grants and Funding: Extramural Programs (EP)

Fiscal Year 2012 Awards

Below is a list of new and continuing grant awards made by NLM in fiscal year 2012. The list is sorted by grant program. Multi-year projects will appear each year in which funds are awarded. New Investigators are investigators who have not previously received a significant NIH independent research grant. Early Stage Investigators are new investigators in the first 10 years of their research career. Click the grant number to read the abstract and other information about a grant.

Grant Programs

Research Projects (R01)

Abernethy, Neil Franklin (New Investigator)
Improving Network Analysis and Visualization for Infectious Disease Control
1 R01 LM011180-01A1
University of Washington

Altman, Russ Biagio
Annotating Functional Sites in 3D Biological Structures
5 R01 LM005652-17
Stanford University

Archer, Kellie J (New Investigator)
Informatic Tools for Predicting an Ordinal Response for High-Dimensional Data
1 R01 LM011169-01
Virginia Commonwealth University

Baldi, Pierre
Efficient Data Structures and Algorithms for Genomics Sequence Data
5 R01 LM010235-03
University of California Irvine

Bigger, John Thomas
Developing Flexible EHR Plug-ins to Re-Engineer Clinical Care and Research Workfl
5 R01 LM010815-03
Columbia University Health Sciences

Brownstein, John S
A Platform for Modeling the Global Impact of Climate Change on Infectious Disease
3 R01 LM010812-02S1
Children's Hospital Boston

Brownstein, John S
A Platform for Modeling the Global Impact of Climate Change on Infectious Disease
5 R01 LM010812-03
Children's Hospital Boston

Bui, Alex
RUMI: A Patient Portal for Retrieving Understandable Medical Information
1 R01 LM011333-01
University of California Los Angeles

Burnside, Elizabeth S
Integrating Machine Learning and Physician Expertise for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
5 R01 LM010921-02
University of Wisconsin Madison

Carrell, David S
Scalable and Robust Clinical Text De-Identification Tools
1 R01 LM011366-01
Group Health Cooperative

Chapman, Wendy W
Interactive Search and Review of Clinical Records with Multi-layered Semantic Annotation
5 R01 LM010964-02
University of California San Diego

Chen, Elizabeth S (New Investigator)
Leveraging the EHR to Collect and Analyze Social, Behavioral & Familial Factors
1 R01 LM011364-01
University of Vermont & St Agric College

Denny, Joshua Charles
From GWAS to PheWAS: Scanning the EMR Phenome for Gene-Disease Associations
5 R01 LM010685-02
Vanderbilt University

Friedman, Carol
Pharmacovigilence using Natural Language Processing, Statistics, and the EHR
5 R01 LM010016-04
Columbia University Health Sciences

Ganz, Aura (New Investigator)
Mass Casualty Management System (DIORAMA-II)
1 R01 LM011100-01A1
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Gonzalez, Graciela Hernandez (New Investigator)
Mining Social Network Postings for Mentions of Potential Adverse Drug Reactions
1 R01 LM011176-01
Arizona State University-Tempe Campus

Gopalakrishnan, Vanathi
Bayesian Rule Learning Methods for Disease Prediction and Biomarker Discovery
5 R01 LM010950-02
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Hripcsak, George M
Discovering and Applying Knowledge in Clinical Databases
5 R01 LM006910-13
Columbia University Health Sciences

Hunter, Lawrence E
Technology Development for a MolBio Knowledge-base
5 R01 LM008111-08
University of Colorado Denver

Hunter, Lawrence E
Biomedical Language Processing Writ Large: Scaling to all of PubMedCentral
5 R01 LM009254-07
University of Colorado Denver

Hurdle, John F
POET-2: High-Performance Computing for Advanced Clinical Narrative Preprocessing
5 R01 LM010981-02
University of Utah

Koyuturk, Mehmet (New Investigator)
Enhancing Genome-Wide Association Studies via Integrative Network Analysis
1 R01 LM011247-01A1
Case Western Reserve University

Kumar, Sudhir
Evolutionary Bioinformatics of Human Mutations
5 R01 LM010834-03
Arizona State University-Tempe Campus

Lai, Albert M (New Investigator)
An Information Fusion Approach to Longitudinal Health Records
1 R01 LM011116-01A1
Ohio State University

Li, Xiaobai
New Technology to Preserve Patient Privacy and Data Quality in Health Research
5 R01 LM010942-02
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Liu, Gilbert C
Delivering Geospatial Intelligence to Health Care Professionals
3 R01 LM010923-02S1
Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Liu, Gilbert C
Delivering Geospatial Intelligence to Health Care Professionals
5 R01 LM010923-02
Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Liu, Yin
Bayesian Methods in Signal Transduction Network Analysis
5 R01 LM010022-02
University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston

Lok, Benjamin
Neurological Exams Teaching & Evaluation Using Virtual Patients
5 R01 LM010813-03
University of Florida

Lu, Xinghua
Statistical Methods for Integromics Discoveries
5 R01 LM010144-04
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Lu, Xinghua
Ontology-Driven Methods for Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Discovery
5 R01 LM011155-02
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Malin, Bradley A
Technologies to Enable Privacy in Biomedical Databanks
5 R01 LM009989-04
Vanderbilt University

Malin, Bradley A
Automated Detection of Anomalous Accesses to Electronic Health Records
5 R01 LM010207-04
Vanderbilt University

Mandl, Kenneth D
Active Patient Participation in a Disease Registry for Comparative Effectiveness
1 R01 LM011185-01
Children's Hospital Boston

Meng, Fan
Interactive Medline Search Engine Integrating External Information
5 R01 LM009812-03
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Miller, Randolph A
Evidence-based Diagnostic Tools for Translational and Clinical Research (eTfor2)
5 R01 LM010828-03
Vanderbilt University

Mooney, Sean David
Informatic Profiling of Clinically Relevant Mutation
5 R01 LM009722-07
Buck Institute For Research On Aging

Moore, Jason H
Machine Learning Prediction of Cancer Susceptibility
5 R01 LM009012-07
Dartmouth College

Moore, Jason H
Bioinformatics Strategies for Genome-Wide Association Studies
5 R01 LM010098-04
Dartmouth College

Nakhleh, Luay
Evolutionary Analysis of Bacterial Genomes: High-Throughput Computational Tools
5 R01 LM009494-05
Rice University

Ochs, Michael F (New Investigator)
Modeling Transcriptional Reprogramming by Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling
1 R01 LM011000-01A1
Johns Hopkins University

Page, C David
Secure Sharing of Clinical History & Genetic Data: Empowering Predictive Pers. Me
5 R01 LM011028-02
University of Wisconsin Madison

Pestian, John P
Multi-Institutional Pediatric Epilepsy Decision Support
5 R01 LM011124-02
Children's Hospital Medical Center Cinci

Rajasekaran, Sanguthevar
Efficient Algorithms for Motif Search
5 R01 LM010101-03
University of Connecticut Storrs

Reis, Ben Y
Intelligent Histories: Detecting Personalized Risk with Longitudinal Surveillance
5 R01 LM009879-04
Children's Hospital Boston

Salisbury, Kenneth
Patient-Specific Simulation for Surgical Rehearsal
5 R01 LM010673-02
Stanford University

Saltz, Joel H
Informatics for Integrative Brain Tumor Whole Slide Analysis
5 R01 LM011119-02
Emory University

Savova, Guergana K
Temporal Relation Discovery for Clinical Text
5 R01 LM010090-03
Children's Hospital Boston

Schneeweiss, Sebastian G
Analyzing Complex Healthcare Data to Determine Causality of Observed Drug Effects
5 R01 LM010213-04
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Shen, Li
Bioinformatics Strategies for Multidimensional Brain Imaging Genetics
1 R01 LM011360-01
Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Smalheiser, Neil R
Text Mining Pipeline to Accelerate Systematic Reviews in Evidence-Based Medicine
5 R01 LM010817-03
University of Illinois at Chicago

Sodickson, Aaron
Automated Radiation Monitoring and Decision Support to Reduce Cumulative Exposure
5 R01 LM010679-03
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Statnikov, Alexander (New Investigator)
Methods for Accurate and Efficient Discovery of Local Pathways
1 R01 LM011179-01A1
New York University School of Medicine

Tagare, Hemant D
Fast 3D Reconstruction Algorithms for Cryo-EM
5 R01 LM010142-03
Yale University

Turner, Anne M
Improving Access to Multi-Lingual Health Information through Machine Translation
5 R01 LM010811-03
University of Washington

Wang, Degeng
Genomic Basis of Biochemical Network Topology
5 R01 LM010212-04
University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr San Ant

Warfield, Simon K
Informatics Algorithms for Neural Circuitry Ultrastructure
5 R01 LM010033-03
Children's Hospital Boston

Weng, Chunhua
Bridging the Semantic Gap Between Research Eligibility Criteria and Clinical Data
2 R01 LM009886-04
Columbia University Health Sciences

Xu, Hua
Real-time Disambiguation of Abbreviations in Clinical Notes
5 R01 LM010681-03
Vanderbilt University

Ye, Jieping
Computational Methods for Expression Image Analysis
5 R01 LM010730-02
Arizona State University-tempe Campus

Zeng, Qing
Assist Patients with Medication Decisions
1 R01 LM011334-01
University of Utah

Zhao, Zhongming (New Investigator)
Mapping the Genetic Architecture of Complex Disease via RNA-seq and GWAS Data
1 R01 LM011177-01
Vanderbilt University

Zhou, Xiaobo
System Biology Approach for Signaling Transduction Study of Complex Phenotypes
5 R01 LM010185-04
Methodist Hospital Research Institute


Exploratory/Developmental Research (R21)

Baveja, Satinder Singh
Exploring the Feasibility of Approximate Sequential Pattern Discovery in Massive
5 R21 LM010954-02
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Blum, James Marlow
Exploring the Feasibility of Computational Markers to Predict Atrial Fibrillation
1 R21 LM011026-01A1
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Burd, Randall S
A Paper-Digital Interface for Time-Critical Information Management
1 R21 LM011320-01A1
Children's Research Institute

Edwards, John R
A Machine Learning Approach for Fine-Scale Genome Wide DNA Methylation Analysis
1 R21 LM011199-01
Washington University

Jacquez, Geoffrey M
Exploratory Evaluation of Homomorphic Cryptography for Confidentiality Protection
1 R21 LM011132-01A1

Quarles, John Patrick
A Mixed Reality Conscious Sedation Simulator for Learning to Manage Variability
5 R21 LM010829-02
University of Texas San Antonio

Segall, Noa
Toward Intelligent Display of Health Data:  A Qualitative Study of use Patterns
5 R21 LM010700-02
Duke University

Syed, Zeeshan Hassan
Exploring the Feasibility of Approximate Sequential Pattern Discovery in Massive
5 R21 LM010954-02
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor


Small Research Projects (R03)

Leroy, Gondy
Large-Scale Evaluation of Text Features Affecting Perceived and Actual Text Difficulty for Online Health Information Consumers
5 R03 LM010902-02
Claremont Graduate University


NLM Informatics Conference (R13)

Bashshur, Rashid L
Best Practices in Telemedicine Symposium-Workshop
1 R13 LM011263-01
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Dunker, Alan Keith
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
5 R13 LM006766-16
Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Uzuner, Ozlem
Challenges in Natural Language Processing for Clinical Narratives
1 R13 LM011411-01
State University of New York at Albany

Wong, Bang T
VizBi: A Conference on Visualization in Biology
5 R13 LM010987-02
Broad Institute, Inc.


Biomedical Informatics Research Resource (P41)

Jurka, Jerzy Wladyslaw
Repbase Update- A Database of Repetitive Sequences
5 P41 LM006252-15
Genetic Information Research Institute

Markley, John L
Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank
5 P41 LM005799-17
University of Wisconsin Madison


Applied Informatics Resource (G08)

Brownstein, John S
HealthMap: Knowledge Management for Emerging Infectious Disease Intelligence
3 G08 LM009776-03S2
Children's Hospital Boston

Calman, Neil S
Implementing MedlinePlus Connect in Spanish to Address Health Disparities in Span
5 G08 LM011056-02
Institute For Urban Family Health

Chung, Bowen
DREW_UCLA Connect_Community Partnered Resources to Improve Depression Outcomes
5 G08 LM011058-02
LA Biomed Res Inst/ Harbor UCLA Med Ctr

Pirie, Phyllis L
Reaching a Wider Audience: Modifying NetWellness Content and Outreach
5 G08 LM011075-02
Ohio State University

Plovnick, Robert Matthew
Using Medical Informatics Principles to Enhance Development and Dissemination of
5 G08 LM010710-03
American Psychiatric Foundation

Shyu, Chi-ren
Cyber Informatics Tools for Lymphedema Stakeholders
5 G08 LM010711-03
University of Missouri-columbia

Tooey, Mary Joan
NLM Information Resource Grants to Reduce Health Disparities
5 G08 LM011079-02
University of Maryland Baltimore

Wu, Cathy H
Linking Text Mining and Data Mining for Biomedical Knowledge Discovery
5 G08 LM010720-03
University of Delaware


NLM Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health (G13)

Blanc, Paul D
New Technologies, Novel Diseases; Industrial Illness in 20th Century Rayon Manufacturing
5 G13 LM010076-02
University of California San Francisco

Greene, Jeremy A
When is a Medicine Good Enough? The Problem of Therapeutic Equivalence, 1959-2009
1 G13 LM010890-01A1
Johns Hopkins University

Hirshbein, Laura D
Smoking and Mental Illness in the United States: A History
5 G13 LM010186-03
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Lang, Raymond Paul
Global Institutions and the Politics of International Disability
1 G13 LM011224-01
Leonard Cheshire Disability

Meyer-Baese, Anke
Biomedical Signal Analysis: Contemporary Methods and Applications
5 G13 LM009832-03
Florida State University

Morabia, Alfredo
History of Epidemiology: Evolution and Contribution to Medicine and Public Health
1 G13 LM010884-01A1
Queens College

Nathanson, Constance Allen
Disaster and the Reinvention of Public Health in France
1 G13 LM010931-01A1
Columbia University Health Sciences

Pruitt, Lisa J
"Crippled": A History of Childhood Disability in America, 1860-1980
5 G13 LM009862-03
Middle Tennessee State University

Sutter, Paul Shriver
Pulling the Teeth of the Tropics: An Environmental and Public Health History of
5 G13 LM010906-02
University of Colorado at Boulder

Webb, James Lewis Adrian
Malaria in Africa: A History of Infections and Interventions, 1900-2010
5 G13 LM010888-02
Colby College

Williams, John A
Implementation of a Pancreas Knowledgebase
1 G13 LM010912-01A1
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Wolf, Jacqueline Helene
A Social History of Cesarean Section in the United States
5 G13 LM010878-02
Ohio University Athens


NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99, R00)

Alterovitz, Gil
A Holistic Approach to Information Processing for Biomedical Networks
5 R00 LM009826-05
Children's Hospital Boston

Bekhuis, Tanja Catharina
Screening Nonrandomized Studies for Inclusion in Systematic Reviews of Evidence
4 R00 LM010943-02
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Cami, Aurel B
Mapping the Drugome: Predictive Network Approaches to Drug Safety Surveillance
5 K99 LM011014-02
Children's Hospital Boston

Chang, Jeffrey T
Functional Components of the Rb/E2F and p53 Pathways
5 R00 LM009837-05
University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston

Fusaro, Vincent A
Repurposing Electronic Health Data for Serendipitous Therapy Discovery
5 K99 LM011020-02
Harvard University (Medical School)

Jiang, Xia
Detecting Genome Wide Epistasis with Efficient Bayesian Network Learning
4 R00 LM010822-03
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Jiang, Xiaoqian
Protection of Records: Privacy (PReP) Technology for Medical Research
1 K99 LM011392-01
University of California San Diego

Jonnalagadda, Siddhartha Reddy
Improving the Efficiency and Efficacy in Authoring Essential Clinical FAQs
1 K99 LM011389-01A1
Mayo Clinic

Kalpathy-Cramer, Jayashree
Clinical Image Retrieval: User needs assessment toolbox development & evaluation
5 R00 LM009889-04
Massachusetts General Hospital

Nahm, Meredith
Pioneering Health Information Quality (K99)
1 K99 LM011128-01A1
Duke University

Nho, Kwangsik
Integration of Bio-, Medical, and Imaging Informatics for Complex Diseases
1 K99 LM011384-01
Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Novak, Laurie L
Patient Safety through Implementation Science: Clinical Work Culture & IT Design
5 R00 LM010038-04
Vanderbilt University

Pennathur, Priyadarshini R
Technology, Cognitive Work, and Patient Safety: A Information-Oriented Model
1 K99 LM011309-01
University of Iowa

Salzman, Peter
Statistical & Computational Tools for Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Networks
3 R00 LM009477-04S1
University of Rochester

Scotch, Matthew
Informatics for Zoonotic Disease Surveillance: Combining Animal and Human Data
5 R00 LM009825-05
Arizona State University-Tempe Campus

Solti, Imre
Increasing Clinical Trial Enrollment: A Semi-Automated Patient Centered Approach
5 R00 LM010227-05
Children's Hospital Medical Center Cinci

Zhang, Zhengdong D
Gene Regulation in Metastasis and New Methods to Analyze its Microarray Profiles
5 R00 LM009770-06
Albert Einstein Col of Med Yeshiva Univ


University Biomedical Informatics Research Training Programs (T15)

Altman, Russ Biagio
Biomedical Informatics Training at Stanford
2 T15 LM007033-29
Stanford University

Baldi, Pierre
Biomedical Informatics Training Program
3 T15 LM007443-10S1
University of California Irvine

Bass, Ellen J
Systems Engineering Focus on Clinical Informatics
3 T15 LM009462-05S1
University of Virginia Charlottesville

Craven, Mark W
Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine
2 T15 LM007359-11
University of Wisconsin Madison

Crowley, Rebecca S
Pittsburgh Biomedical Informatics Training Program
2 T15 LM007059-26
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Demiris, George
Biomedical and Health Informatics Training Program
2 T15 LM007442-11
University of Washington

Gadd, Cynthia S
Vanderbilt Biomedical Informatics Training Program
2 T15 LM007450-11
Vanderbilt University

Gorry, Tony
NLM Training Program in Biomedical Informatics for Predoc & Postdoctoral Fellows
2 T15 LM007093-21
Rice University

Hersh, William R
Biomedical Informatics Research Training at Oregon Health & Science University
2 T15 LM007088-21
Oregon Health and Science University

Hripcsak, George M
Training in Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University
3 T15 LM007079-19S2
Columbia University Health Sciences

Hripcsak, George M
Training in Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University
2 T15 LM007079-21
Columbia University Health Sciences

Hunter, Lawrence E
Colorado Biomedical Informatics Training Program
2 T15 LM009451-06
University of Colorado Denver

Hurdle, John F
University of Utah Biomedical Informatics Training Grant
2 T15 LM007124-16
University of Utah

McCray, Alexa T
Boston-Area Research Training Program in Biomedical Informatics
2 T15 LM007092-21
Harvard University (Medical School)

Miller, Perry L
Biomedical Informatics Research Training at Yale
2 T15 LM007056-26
Yale University

Ohno-Machado, Lucila
San Diego Biomedical Informatics Education & Research (SABER)
1 T15 LM011271-01
University of California San Diego

Payne, Philip Richard Orrin
The OSU Clinical and Translational Research Informatics Training Program (CTRIP)
1 T15 LM011270-01
Ohio State University

Phillips, George Neal
Research Training for Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine
3 T15 LM007359-10S1
University of Wisconsin Madison


NIH Summer Research Experience Programs (R25)

Baldi, Pierre
UCI BIT Undergraduate Summer Research (BIT-SR) Program
5 R25 LM011170-02
University of California Irvine

Gadd, Cynthia S
Vanderbilt Biomedical Informatics Summer Research Experience Program
5 R25 LM011174-02
Vanderbilt University

Hersh, William R
OHSU Summer Internship in Biomedical Informatics for College Undergraduates
5 R25 LM011168-02
Oregon Health and Science University


Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Awards (R41, R42, R43, R44)

Bajpai, Gaurav
Development of a Clinical Robotic Device for Diagnosis, Rehabilitation and Treatment-Prediction of Knee Injuries
3 R43 LM011328-01S1
Techno-Sciences, Inc.

Bock, Robert
The Climate Change and Health Gateway (CCHG) for Enhancing Biomedical, Health, an
1 R43 LM011404-01
Lumenetec, LLC

Kim Young-Seok
Mobile Cadaver Lab: An Innovative Platform to Supplement Medical Education for Mobile Devices
1 R43 LM011412-01
Tactus Technologies, Inc.

Maisel, James
Applying NLP to Free Text as an EHR Data Capture Method to Improve EHR Usability
1 R43 LM011165-01A1
Zydoc Medical Transcription, LLC

Seifert, Gregory John
Tools for Coordination Among Caregivers of Alzheimers Disease Patients
1 R43 LM011646-01
Advanced Medical Electronics Corporation

Weiss, John Christopher
Research Platform Integrating Patient Reported and Clinical Outcomes Data Sources
1 R43 LM011408-01
Dynamic Clinical Systems, Inc.


2012 NIH Director's Pioneer Award Program (DP1)

Covert, Markus W
A Gene-Complete Computational Model of Yeast
8 DP1 LM011510-04
Stanford University

Samudrala, Ram
Novel Paradigms for Drug Discovery: Computational Multitarget Screening
8 DP1 LM011509-03
University of Washington


Biomedical Information Science and Technology Initiative (BISTI) Awards (U54)

Kohane, Isaac S
Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside (i2b2)
3 U54 LM008748-09S2
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Kohane, Isaac S
Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside (i2b2)
5 U54 LM008748-09
Brigham and Women's Hospital


Career Transition Award (K22)

Unertl, Kim M
Developing New Approaches to Chronic Disease Care: Collaborative Team Workflow
1 K22 LM011382-01
Vanderbilt University


High Priority, Short Term Project Award (R56)

Guo, Nancy Lan
A Novel Computational Framework for Individualized Clinical Decision-making
2 R56 LM009500-04
West Virginia University

Zheng, Wenjin Jim
Bridging Genomics and Medicine by Ontology Fingerprints
1 R56 LM010680-01A1
Medical University of South Carolina