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Grants and Funding: Extramural Programs (EP)

Fiscal Year 2017 Awards

Below is a list of new and continuing grant awards made by NLM in fiscal year 2017. The list is sorted by grant program. Multi-year projects will appear each year in which funds are awarded. New Investigators are investigators who have not previously received a significant NIH independent research grant. Early Stage Investigators are new investigators in the first 10 years of their research career. Click the grant number to read the abstract and other information about a grant.

Grant Programs

Research Projects (R01)

Albers, David J
Mechanistic Machine Learning
1 R01 LM012734-01
Columbia University Health Sciences

Altman, Russ Biagio
Text Mining for High-Fidelity Curation and Discovery of Gene-Drug-Phenotype Relationships
5 R01 LM005652-21
Stanford University

Barr, Paul James
Improving Patient and Caregiver Engagement through the Application of Data Science Methods to Audio Recorded Clinic Visits stored in Personal Health Libraries
5 1 R01 LM012815-01
Dartmouth College

Benos, Panagiotis V
Integrative Graphical Models for Large Multi-Modal Biomedical Data
5 R01 LM012087-03
University of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh

Boyce, Richard
Addressing Gaps in Clinically Useful Evidence on Drug-Drug Interactions
5 R01 LM011838-04
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Brownstein, John S
An Approach for Estimating Foodborne Illnesses and Assessing Risk Factors
5 R01 LM011965-03
Boston Children’s Hospital

Burd, Randall S
Automatic Workflow Capture & Analysis for Improving Trauma Resuscitation Outcomes
5 R01 LM011834-04
Children's Research Institute

Burns, Gully A
Evidence Extraction Systems for The Molecular Interaction Literature
1 R01 LM012592-01
University of Southern California

Chen, Yong
A General Framework to Account for Outcome Reporting Bias in Systematic Reviews
1 R01 LM012607-01
University of Pennsylvania

Culley, Joan Marie
Validating Triage for Chemical Mass Casualty Incidents - A First Step
5 R01 LM011648-04
University Of South Carolina At Columbia

Davidson, Karina W
Re-Engineering Precision Therapeutics Through N-of-1 Trials
1 R01 LM012836-01
Columbia University Health Sciences

Davuluri, Ramana V
Informatics Platform for Mammalian Gene Regulation at Isoform-Level
2 R01 LM011297-05A1
Northwestern University at Chicago

Denny, Joshua C
From GWAS to PHEWAS: Scanning the EMR Phenome for Gene-Disease Associations
5 R01 LM010685-08
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Dexheimer, Judith W
Personal Health Record for Youth Emancipating from Foster Care
1 R01 LM012816-01
Cincinnati Childrens Hosp Med Ctr

Garmire, Lana X
An Integrative Bioinformatics Platform with Application in Single Cancer Cells
5 R01 LM012373-02
University of Hawaii At Manoa

Gennari, John H
Physiological Knowledge Integration and Recombinant Modeling Via Accelerated Sema
5 R01 LM011969-04
University of Washington

Gillis, Jesse
Heuristics to Evaluate Biomedical and Genomic Knowledge Bases for Validity
1 R01 LM012736-01
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Gui, Jiang
Bioinformatics Strategies to Relate Age of Onset with Gene-Gene Interaction
5 R01 LM012012-03
Dartmouth College

Hoen, Anne G
Multi-Omic Functional Integration using Networks
1 R01 LM012723-01
Dartmouth College

Hripcsak, George M
Discovering and Applying Knowledge in Clinical Databases
5 R01 LM006910-18
Columbia University Health Sciences

Hunter, Lawrence E
Bio Text NLP
3 R01 LM009254-11S1
University of Colorado Denver

Hunter, Lawrence E
Bio Text NLP
5 R01 LM009254-11
University of Colorado Denver

Hunter, Lawrence E
Developing and Applying Information Extraction Resources and Technology to Create
5 R01 LM008111-12
University of Colorado Denver

Janssens, A Cecile
Novel Citation-Based Literature Search Method: Application to Meta-Analyses
5 R01 LM012372-02
Emory University

Jiang, Xia
A New Generation Clinical Decision Support System
5 R01 LM011663-04
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Kirkendall, Eric S
Improving Intensive Care Medication Safety Through EHR-Based Algorithms
5 R01 LM012230-03
Cincinnati Childrens Hosp Med Ctr

Kleinberg, Samantha
BIGDATA: Causal Inference in Large-scale Time Series
5 R01 LM011826-05
Stevens Institute of Technology

Kumar, Sudhir
Evolutionary Bioinformatics of Tumor Profiles
5 R01 LM012487-02
Temple Univ of the Commonwealth

Leroy, Gondy
Evidence-Based Strategy and Tool to Simplify Text for Patients and Consumers
5 R01 LM011975-03
University of Arizona

Lin, Joshua K
Improving Comparative Effectiveness Research through Electronic Health Records Continuity Cohorts
1 R01 LM012594-01
Brigham And Women's Hospital

Liu, Hongfang
mi-Structured Information Retrieval in Clinical Text for Cohort Identification
5 R01 LM011934-04
Mayo Clinic Rochester

Lu, Xinghua
Deciphering Cellular Signaling System By Deep Mining A Comprehensive Genomic Compendium
5 R01 LM012011-03
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Malin, Bradley A
Automated Detection of Anomalous Accesses to Electronic Health Records
5 R01 LM010207-09
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Miller, Grover P
Computationally Modeling the Impact of Ontogeny on Drug Metabolic Fate
5 R01 LM012482-02
Univ Of Arkansas For Med Scis

Miller, Kristen E
Signaling Sepsis: Developing A Framework to Optimize Alert Design
7 R01 LM012300-02
Medstar Health Research Institute

Moore, Jason H
Bioinformatics Strategies for Genome-wide Association Studies
5 R01 LM010098-09
University of Pennsylvania

Moore, Jason H
Biomedical Computing and Informatics Strategies for Precision Medicine
1 R01 LM012601-01
University of Pennsylvania

Neapolitan, Richard E
Multidimensional Computer Adaptive Testing for Patient Reported Outcomes
5 R01 LM011962-03
Northwestern University at Chicago

Nho, Kwangsik Timothy
Integrating Neuroimaging, Multi-Omics, and Clinical Data in Complex Disease
1 R01 LM012535-01
Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Ogunyemi, Omolola I
Predicting Diabetic Retinopathy from Risk Factor Data and Digital Retinal Images
5 R01 LM012309-02
Charles R. Drew University of Med & Sci

Patek, Stephen D
Cloudconnect: Consumer Health IT for Enhanced Treatment of Chronic Illness
5 R01 LM012090-02
University of Virginia

Popescu, Mihail
Linguistic Summarization of Sensor Data for Early Illness Recognition in Eldercare
5 R01 LM012221-02
University of Missouri-Columbia

Ralston, James D
Seeing and Sharing What Matters: Personal Health Libraries for Individuals with Multiple Chronic Conditions
1 R01 LM012813-01
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

Rocha, Luis M
Evidence-based Drug-interaction Discovery: In-Vivo, In-Vitro and Clinical
5 R01 LM011945-04
Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Sabuncu, Mert R
Novel Bioinformatics Strategies to Study Associations between Genetic Variants and Neuroanatomical Shape
1 R01 LM012719-01
Cornell University

Savova, Guergana K
Temporal Relation Discovery for Clinical Text
5 R01 LM010090-07
Boston Children's Hospital

Schillinger, Dean
The Next Frontier in Diabetes Communication: Promoting Health Literacy in the Era of Secure Messaging
5 R01 LM012355-03
University of California, San Francisco

Scotch, Matthew
Merging Viral Genetics with Climate and Population Data for Zoonotic Surveillance
5 R01 LM012011-03
Arizona State University-Tempe Campus

Shah, Nigam
From Enrichment to Insights
2 R01 LM011369-05
Stanford University

Shapiro, Jason S
Terminology Services to Reduce Avoidable Ct Imaging
5 R01 LM012196-03
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Shatkay, Hagit
Incorporating Image-based Features into Biomedical Document Classification
1 R01 LM012527-01A1
University Of Delaware

Simon, Gyorgy
Extracting Typical and Atypical Disease Progression Patterns from Multi-Site HER
5 R01 LM011972-03
University of Minnesota

Smalheiser, Neil R
Text Mining Pipeline to Accelerate Systematic Reviews in Evidence-Based Medicine
5 R01 LM010817-06
University of Illinois at Chicago

Swamidass, S Joshua
Data and Tools for Modeling Metabolism and Reactivity
5 R01 LM012222-02
Washington University

Tao, Cui
Patient Medical History Representation, Extraction, and Inference from EHR Data
5 R01 LM011829-04
University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston

Visweswaran, Shyam
Development and Evaluation of a Learning Electronic Medical Record System
5 R01 LM012095-03
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Wallace, Byron Casey
Semi-Automating Data Extraction for Systematic Reviews
5 R01 LM012086-03
Northeastern University

Weng, Chunhua
Bridging the Semantic Gap Between Research Eligibility Criteria and Clinical Data
2 R01 LM009886-08A1
Columbia University Health Sciences

Wright, Adam
Improving Clinical Decision Support Reliability using Anomaly Detection Methods
5 R01 LM011966-04
Brigham And Women's Hospital

Xie, Lei
Drug Discovery by Integrating Chemical Genomics and Structural Systems Biology
5 R01 LM011986-04
Brigham And Women's Hospital

Xu, Hua
Interactive Machine Learning Methods for Clinical Natural Language Processing
5 R01 LM010681-08
University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston

Xu, Xiaoyin
A Novel Informatics Approach to Understanding Complex Muscle Fiber Phenotypes
5 R01 LM011415-04
Brigham And Women's Hospital

Xu, Xiaoyin
Computer Aided Diagnosis of Cancer Metastases in the Brain
3 R01 LM012434-02S1
Brigham And Women's Hospital

Xu, Xiaoyin
Computer Aided Diagnosis of Cancer Metastases in the Brain
5 R01 LM012434-02
Brigham And Women's Hospital

Zhao, Zhongming
Predicting Phenotype by using Transcriptomic Alteration as Endophenotype
1 R01 LM012806-01
University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston


Exploratory/Developmental Research (R21)

Chu, Haitao
Joint Meta-Regression Methods Accounting for Postrandomization Variables
1 R21 LM012744-01
University of Minnesota

Edwards, John R
Deconvolution of Epigenomic Data to Characterize Cellular Subpopulations
1 R21 LM012395-01A1
Washington University

Janulis, Patrick F
Implementing and Evaluating a Machine Learning Tool for Entity Resolution in Drug Use and Sexual Contact Networks of YMSM
1 R21 LM012578-01
Northwestern University at Chicago

Kavuluru, Venkata N
From Syntactic Relations to Semantic Predications: Porting Open Information Extraction to Biomedicine
5 R21 LM012274-02
University of Kentucky

Lambert, Christophe G
A Microaggregation Framework for Reproducible Research with Observational Data: Addressing Biases while Protecting Personal Identities
5 R21 LM012389-02
University of New Mexico Health Scis Ctr

Luo, Yuan
Bayesian Generative Methods for Extracting and Modeling Relations in EHR Narratives
1 R21 LM012618-01
Northwestern University at Chicago

Mccoy, Allison B
Electronic Health Record Safety: Developing Framework-Based Measures and Identifying Best Practices
5 R21 LM012448-02
Tulane University of Louisiana

Miura, Sayaka
Bayesian Evolution-Aware Methods for tumor single cell sequences
1 R21 LM012758-01
Temple Univ of the Commonwealth

Yang, Xinan H
Differential Enhancer Transcription Identifies Cis-Regulatory Elements for Disease
1 R21 LM012619-01
University of Chicago


NIH Director's Pioneer Award (DP1)

Wu, Sean M
Enabling Technologies for Human-Machine Hybrid Tissues
5 DP1 LM012179-04
Stanford University


NIH Director’s New Innovator Awards (DP2)

Morgan, Daniel J
Incorporating Bayesian Reasoning into Physician Testing and Treatment Decisions
1 DP2 LM012890-01
University of Maryland Baltimore


High Priority, Short Term Project Awards

Gorlov, Ivan P
Predicting SNP priors for Cancer GWASs
1 R56 LM012371-01A1
Dartmouth College

Mikler, Armin R
Minimizing Access Disparities in Bio-Emergency Response Planning
2 R56 LM011647-03
University of North Texas


NLM Informatics Conference Awards (R13)

Dunker, Alan K
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
5 R13 LM006766-21
Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Kakadiaris, Ioannis A
International Workshop on Large-scale Biomedical Semantic Indexing and Question Answering (BioASQ)
5 R13 LM012214-03
University of Houston

Sarkar, Indra N
New Paths for Biomedical Informatics: A Mini-Symposium for High School Scholars
5 R13 LM012293-02
American Medical Informatics Assn


Knowledge Management/Applied Informatics Grants (G08)

Johnson, J Aaron
Promoting Health Literacy and Improved Self-Care Management of Incarcerated Populations Using Secure Tablet Technology
1 G08 LM012693-01
Augusta University

Kaur, Judith S
Stories of our Men: American Indian/Alaska Native Colorectal Health
5 G08 LM012120-04
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Kukafka, Rita
Conexion: A Localized Information Resource for a Low-income Hispanic Community
1 G08 LM012689-01
Columbia University Health Sciences

Lyles, Courtney R
Overcoming Health Disparities by Engaging Patients with the Personal Health Record, MYSFHEALTH
5 G08 LM012166-03
University of California, San Francisco

Martin, Elaine R
Bridges to Health Information for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness
5 G08 LM012154-04
Harvard Medical School

Shin, Sonya S
Reducing Cancer Health Disparities in Navajo Nation
5 G08 LM012143-03
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Simon, Melissa A
Enhancing Clinical Trials Participation though Library Partnerships
1 G08 LM012688-01
Northwestern University at Chicago

Zoorob, Roger J
Reducing Health Disparities in Primary Care through a Family Medicine-Library Alliance
1 G08 LM012634-01
Baylor College of Medicine


Awards for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health/Publications (G13s)

Grogan, Colleen M
Americas Hidden Health Care State
1 G13 LM012474-011
University of Chicago

Herzberg, David
The Other Drug War: A History of Prescription Drug Abuse in America
5 G13 LM012050-03
State University of New York at Buffalo

Imada, Adria L
Capturing Leprosy: The Medical Gaze in Americas Pacific Empire
5 G13 LM011898-03
University of California-Irvine

Jones, David S
On the Origins of Therapies: Innovation, Imagination, and the Evolution of Coronary Artery Surgery, 1910-1970
5 G13 LM012053-03
Harvard Medical School

Kwate, Naa O
Race and the transformation of the food environment: Fast food, African Americans, and the color line, 1955-1995
1 G13 LM012463-01
Rutgers, The State Univ of NJ

Starks, Tricia
Cigarettes and Soviets: The Culture of Tobacco Use in Modern Russia
5 G13 LM011893-03
University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Thompson, Claudia Michele
A History of Vaccination for Smallpox in Southeast Asia, 1804-1945
1 G13 LM012475-01
Southern Connecticut State University

Vexler, Albert
Modern Empirical Likelihood Methods in Biomedicine and Health
5 G13 LM012241-02
State University of New York at Buffalo


Regional Medical Libraries for The National Network of Libraries of Medicine (UG4)

Bardyn, Tania P
NN/LM Region 6 RML and NN/LM Evaluation Office (NEO)
5 UG4 LM012343-02
University of Washington

Burgard, Daniel E
Creating Solutions for a Healthier Community: A Proposal to Host NN/LMs SCR RML
5 UG4 LM012345-02
University of North Texas Hlth Sci Ctr

Consales, Judith C
Regional Medical Library for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Region 7 (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and U.S. Territories in the Pacific Basin).
5 UG4 LM012341-02
University of California Los Angeles

Epstein, Barbara A
National Network of Libraries of Medicine Mid-Atlantic (Region 1) and Web Services Office
5 UG4 LM012342-02
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Piorun, Mary E
National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England (Region 8) and Public Health Coordination Office
5 UG4 LM012347-02
Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester

Rethlefsen, Melissa L
National Network of Libraries of Medicine Mid-Continental (Region 4) and National Training Office
5 UG4 LM012344-02
University of Utah

Tooey, Mary J
Southeastern/Atlantic Regional Medical Library
5 UG4 LM012340-02
University of Maryland Baltimore

Walton, Linda J
National Network of Libraries of Medicine Greater Midwest (Region 3)
5 UG4 LM012346-02
University of Iowa


Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Enhancing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Digital Curation for Biomedical Big Data (U01)

Hadley, Dexter D
1 U01 LM012675-01
University of California, San Francisco

Schürer, Stephan C
1 U01 LM012630-01
University of Miami School of Medicine

Sternberg, Paul Warren
Streamlined Capture and Curation of Unpublished Data
1 U01 LM012672-01
California Institute of Technology


NLM Career Development Award in Biomedical Informatics (K01s)

Banerjee, Tanvi
Managing Dementia through a Multisensory Smart Phone Application to Support Aging in Place
5 K01 LM012439-02
Wright State University

Eng, Kevin Hasegawa
Informatic Methods for Differential Signaling and Immune Co-Regulatory Expression
5 K01 LM012100-03
Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp

Frost, Hildreth Robert
Tissue-specific Gene Set Testing
5 K01 LM012426-02
Dartmouth College

Landis-Lewis, Zachary
A Knowledge-Based Message Tailoring System
1 K01 LM012528-01
University of Michigan

Sirota, Marina
Elucidating the Role of the Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Preterm Birth Using Integrative Computational Approaches
5 K01 LM012381-02
University of California, San Francisco

Weiskopf, Nicole G
Measuring and Improving Data Quality for Clinical Quality Measure Reliability
1 K01 LM012529-01A1
Duke University

Tenenbaum, Jessica D
Improved Disease Stratification Using Electronic Health Records
1 K01 LM012738-01
Oregon Health & Science University

Yao, Lixia
A Research Opportunity Index to Measure Biomedical Research Disparities across the Disease Landscape
5 K01 LM012102-03
Mayo Clinic Rochester


NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00s)

Chen, You
Learning Patterns of Collaboration to Optimize the Management of Care Providers
5 R00 LM011933-03
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Hribar, Michelle
Learning Patterns of Collaboration to Optimize the Management of Care Providers
4 R00 LM012238-03
Oregon Health & Science University

Lu, Songjian
Developing Graph Models and Efficient Algorithms for the Study of Cancer Disease
5 R00 LM011673-05
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Navbi, Sheida
Novel Integrative Method to Detect Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Resistance
5 R00 LM011595-05
University of Connecticut Storrs

Roberts, Kirk E
Natural Language Question Understanding for Electronic Health Records
5 R00 LM012104-03
University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston

Wagholikar, Kavishwar B
A Framework to Enhance Decision Support by Invoking NLP: Methods and Applications
5 R00 LM011575-04
Massachusetts General Hospital

Zozus, Meredith N
Pioneering Health Information Technology (R00)
5 R00 LM011128-05
Univ of Arkansas For Med Scis


University Biomedical Informatics Research Training Awards (T15s)

Altman, Russ Biagio
2 T15 LM007033-34
Stanford University

Brandt, Cynthia A
2 T15 LM007056-31
Yale University

Chapman, Wendy W
2 T15 LM007124-21
University of Utah

Craven, Mark W
2 T15 LM007359-16
University of Wisconsin-madison

Craven, Mark W
Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine
3 T15 LM007359-15S1
University of Wisconsin-madison

Demiris, George
2 T15 LM007442-16
University of Washington

Demiris, George
Biomedical and Health Informatics Training Program
3 T15 LM007442-15S1
University of Washington

Dixon, Brian E
1 T15 LM012502-01
Indiana Univ-purdue Univ at Indianapolis

Elkin, Peter L
1 T15 LM012495-01
State University of New York at Buffalo

Gadd, Cynthia S
2 T15 LM007450-16
Vanderbilt University

Gadd, Cynthia S
Vanderbilt Biomedical Informatics Training Program
3 T15 LM007450-15S1
Vanderbilt University

Hersh, William R
2 T15 LM007088-26
Oregon Health & Science University

Hersh, William R
Vanderbilt Biomedical Informatics Training Program
3 T15 LM007088-25S1
Oregon Health & Science University

Hochheiser, Harry S
2 T15 LM007059-31
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Hripcsak, George M
2 T15 LM007079-26
Columbia University Health Sciences

Hunter, Lawrence E
2 T15 LM009451-11
University of Colorado Denver

Hunter, Lawrence E
Colorado Biomedical Informatics Training Program
3 T15 LM009451-10S1
University of Colorado Denver

Hurdle, John F
University of Utah Biomedical Informatics Training Grant Supplement
3 T15 LM007124-20S1
University of Utah

Jacobson, Rebecca S
Pittsburgh Biomedical Informatics Training Program
3 T15 LM007059-30S1
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Kavraki, Lydia E
2 T15 LM007093-26
Rice University

Kavraki, Lydia E
NLM Training Program in Biomedical Informatics for Predoc & Postdoctoral Fellows
3 T15 LM007093-25S1
Rice University

Mccray, Alexa T
2 T15 LM007092-26
Harvard Medical School

Mostafa, Javed
1 T15 LM012500-01
Harvard Medical School

Ohno-Machado, Lucila
2 T15 LM011271-06
University of California San Diego

Ohno-Machado, Lucila
San Diego Biomedical Informatics Education & Research (SABER)
3 T15 LM007059-30S1
University of California San Diego


Predoctoral Training in Biomedical Big Data Science (T32s)

Altman, Russ B
Biomedical Data Science Graduate Training at Stanford
5 T32 LM012409-02
Stanford University

Amos, Christopher I
Quantitative Biomedical Sciences at Dartmouth
1 T32 LM012204-02
Dartmouth College

Kosorok, Michael R
Big Data to Knowledge Training Program
5 T32 LM012420-03
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Malin, Bradley A
BIDS: Vanderbilt Training Program in Big Biomedical Data Science
5 T32 LM012412-02
Vanderbilt University

Newton, Michael A
Bio-Data Science Training Program
5 T32 LM012413-02
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Noble, William S
University of Washington PhD Training in Big Data for Genomics and Neuroscience
5 T32 LM012419-03
University of Washington

Papin, Jason
Transdisciplinary Big Data Science Training at UVA
5 T32 LM012416-02
University of Virginia

Pellegrini, Matteo
Biomedical Big Data Training Grant
5 T32 LM012424-03
University of California Los Angeles

Quackenbush, John
Statistical and Quantitative Training in Big Data Health Science
5 T32 LM012411-02
Harvard School of Public Health

Ritchie, Marylyn D
Penn State Biomedical Big Data to Knowledge (B2D2K) Training Program
5 T32 LM012415-02
Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park

Scott, James G
Predoctoral Training In Biomedical Big Data Science
5 T32 LM012414-02
University of Texas, Austin

Shyu, Chi-Ren
Massive and Complex Data Analytics Pre-Doctoral Training in One Health
5 T32 LM012410-02
University of Missouri-Columbia

Starren, Justin
Predoctoral Training Program in Biomedical Data Driven Discovery (BD3)
5 T32 LM012203-03
Northwestern University at Chicago

Vanderlaan, Mark J
Biomedical Big Data Training Program at UC Berkeley
5 T32 LM012417-02
University of California Berkeley


Fellowship Award

Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award (F31)
Beard, Rachel

Integrating Bioinformatics and Clustering Analysis for Disease Surveillance
5 F31 LM012176-02
Arizona State University-Tempe Campus

Donevant, Sara B
An Evidence-Based Evaluation Tool to Assist Health Care Providers in Their Assessment of Effective mHealth Applications of the Management of Chronic Health Conditions
1 F31 LM012402-01A1
University of South Carolina at Columbia

Herr, Tim
1 F31 LM012492-01
Northwestern University at Chicago

Mallory, Emily Kathryn
Integrating Literature and Experimental Data for Druggability Methods
5 F31 LM012354-02
Stanford University

Tian, Yuxi
Large Scale Observational Analytics for Health Informatics
1 F31 LM012636-01
University of California Los Angeles



Emery, Robert W
The Use of Organizer Software for Secure Team Based Clinician-to-Clinician Communication to Improve Recipient Outcomes for Solid Organ Donation Cases
1 R43 LM012575-01

Felsovalyi, Klara O
BD2K Product for Enhancing Phenotypic Screens
1 R43 LM012577-01
Genecentrix, Inc.

Sairamesh, Jakka
Enabling Value-based Healthcare through Automating Risk Assessment for Episode-based Care
1 R43 LM012798-01
Capsicohealth, Inc.

Williams, Jayne A
A Search Engine for Heterogeneous Information Needs in the Clinical Workflow
5 R44 LM011590-03
Medsocket Of Missouri, Inc.