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All About Cholera

In an 1870 publishers' catalog, Billings noted several titles that interested him. In one instance he observed that they had one edition, but not another.

Title page of book in French with text in black, as follows: Catalogue de F. Savy editeur - Medecine - chirurgie - pharmacie - chimie - physique - mathematiques - geologie - mineralogie - paleontologie - botanique - agriculture - horticulture - economie rurale - art veterinaire - arts industriels - litterature scientifique - tous les ouvrages de ce Catalogue sont expedies par la poste en France et en Algerie Franco et sans augmentation sur les prix designes - Joindre a la demande des timbres-poste ou un mandate sur Paris - On peut se procurer egalement ces ouvrages par l'intermediare de tous les libraries de la France et de l'etranger - Paris - 24, Rue Hautefeuille, 24 - Pres le boulevard Saint-Germain - 1er Juillet 1870.

July, 1870 catalogue from the French publisher F. Savy.

Excerpt from page, with handwriting in pencil as follows: An ed. of 57 in library with title of Traite Pratique etc.

Billings notes that "an ed. of '57 in library with title Traite Pratique, etc."

Title page of book, in French, with text, in black, as follows: Traite Pratique des maladies de l'orielle par le Docteur E. H. Triquet Ancien interne en medicine et en chirurgie des hopitaux de Paris, Laureat, medaille d'argent (1848); medaille d'or (1849). - Ancien membre de la Societe anatomique, member fondateur de la Societe de Biologie, Fondateur et chirurgien d'un Dispensaire pour les maladies de l'Oreille. Avec figures intercalees dans le texte. A Paris chez J. B. Bailliere, libraire de l'Academie Imperiale de Medecine, Rue Hautefeuille, 19. Londres, H. Bailliere, 219, Regent-Street. New York, H. Bailliere, 290 Broad-way. Madrid, C. Bailly - Bailliere, Called del Principe, 11. 1857 - L'auteur et l'editeur se reservent le droit de traduction.

Eugene Hippolyte Triquet's Traite Pratique, 1857 edition, a book which Billings noted in the catalogue that the Library already possessed.

Title page of book in French, with text, in black, as follows: Lecons cliniques sur les maladies de L'orielle ou therapeutique des maladies aigues et chroniques de l'appareil auditif par le docteur Triquet medecin et chirurgien du dispensaire pour les maladies de l'oreille ancient interne en medicine et en chirurgie des hopitaux de Paris laureat, medaille d'argent (1848), medaille d'or (1849), medaille de juin (1848) medaille du cholera (1849) ancient member de la Societe Anatomique, member fondateur de la Societe de Biologie - avec figures - Paris - F. Savy, libraire-editeur - 24, Rue Hautefeuille, 24 - 1863 - tous droits reserves.

Eugene Hippolyte Triquet's Lecons Cliniques sur les Maladies de l'Oreille, 1865 edition, was finally acquired at some point in 1873.

As sole purchaser for the Library but not the only selector, Billings filled the requests of other staff members. In this 1870 catalogue, he has noted that Lt. Col. Woodward "would like all of the works on cholera not already in the collection."

Title page of catalogue, brown toned, in German, with text, in black, as follows: Catalog No. XXXIII. Schweizer. Antiquariat in Zurich - Inhalt: Medicin. Literatur und Geschichte, Methodologie, Topographie, etc..1; Medicin. Worterbucher u. Encyclopaedien. - Zeitschriften .. 3; Aeltere Aerzte .. 6; Anatomie und Physiologie .. 9; Pathologie und Therapie .. 17; Fieber und Entzundungen. Typhus .. 22; Cholera. Pets .. 23; Parasiten (Eingeweidewurmer, Kratze etc.) .. 23; Toxicosen. Thiergifte. Arzneikrankheiten .. 24; Syphilis. - Hautkrankheiten .. 24; Pocken, Varicellen, etc. .. 26; Krankheiten des Gehirns, des Ruckenmarks und der Nerven .. 26; Psychologie und Anthropologie. Irrenheilkunde .. 27; Geburtschulfe, Frauen - u. Kinderkrankheiten .. 29; Krankheiten der Respirationsorgane .. 32; Krankheiten des Unterleibs .. 33; Krankheiten der Harn - u. Geschlechtorgane .. 33; Homoopathie .. 34; Chirurgie und Verbandlehre .. 34; Ophthalmologie .. 40; Ohrenkrankheiten. - Zahnheilkunds .. 44; Kriegsarzneikunde (Schusswunden etc.) .. 44; Orthopadik .. 45; Staatsarzneikunde .. 46; Pharmacologie. Receptirkunst .. 47; Balneologie und Wasserheilkunde .. 50; Nahrungsmittel. Diatetik und Volksarzneikunde .. 52; Electricitat, Magnetismus, Mesmerismus, etc. .. 54; Veterinarwissenschaft .. 54; Nachtrat .. 59 - Enthalt u. A. die Bibliotheken der Verstorb. Herren Dr. E. Vanottie in Constanz und Dr. E. Stephani in Baden. Paris: J. B. Bailliere et fils. Leipzig: C. Cnobloch. Zurich, Druck von Orell, Fussli & Comp. 1870. London: D. Nutt, 270 Strand. New-York: F. W. Christern. B. Westermann & Co. L. W. Schmidt.
Page also includes an drawn portrait identified as Christoffel Froschauner with a decorative border bearing the inscription Habent Sua Fata Libelli.

1870 catalogue from Swiss bookseller Schweitzer.

Excerpt from a page, with handwriting in blue pencil, as follows: Dr Woodward would like all of the works on cholera not already in this collection.

Catalogue section devoted to cholera and Billings' note.

Title page of book, in German, with text, in black, as follows: Die cholera epidemica nach Beobachtungen auf der abtheilung des K. K. Professors Dr. Jaksch, Primararztes im Prager allgemeinen Krankenhause, mit Bemerkungen uber Professor Hamernjk's werk: 'Cholera epidemica' von Med. & Chir. Dr. Finger, Hospitalarzt, d. Z. Assistant der Lehrkanzel der Staatserzneikunde and der Prager Hochschule. Leipzig, Hermann Fritsche. 1851.

Among the titles of this page, Joseph Finger's Die Cholera epidemica nach Beobachtungen was purchased from Library employee F. L. Apel for 35 cents and accessioned January 25, 1871.

Beginning about 1867 Billings began acquiring old sales catalogues from book dealers and publishers. A list of titles offered for sale decades earlier, while not a current source for purchasing, gave Billings and his colleagues further suggestions for titles. If something was of interest in the old catalogues they could then search current booksellers' inventories.

Title page of book with text, in black, as follows: Philadelphia, 293 Market Street, January, 1846. Standard works on Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery and the collateral sciences, published by Ed. Barrington & Geo. D. Haswell, medical booksellers and publishers, with the testimony of the press. Orders for any of the books mentioned in the accompanying Catalogue can be executed by the principal Booksellers and Druggists in the United States. If physicians will furnish the direction of their P.O., Catalogues of B. & H.'s publications will be sent to any part of the United States, gratis.

Catalogue for Edward Barrington and George D. Haswell, publisher and bookdealer of Philadelphia, 1846.

Title page of book with text, in black, as follows: Penington's catalogue - No. 1. A catalogue of curious, valuable, and useful books, for sale by John Penington, No. 10 South Fifth Street. Philadelphia: C. Sherman, Printer. 1849.

Catalogue from Philadelphia bookdealer John Penington, 1849.

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SGO label decoration
Photographic portrait of Joseph Janvier Woodward, black and white, bust, three quarters view, in U.S. Army uniform, of man with a goatee with a solemn expression.

Joseph J. Woodward (1833 - 1884). When he joined the Surgeon General's office, Woodward was unimpressed by the Library. He later commented that in 1862 "nothing deserving the name of a medical library existed in Washington."

Title page of book, in French, with text, in black, as follows: A. Asher & Co. Berlin & Londres. Catalogue livres anciens & modernes offerts aux bibliophiles aux prix indiques. Berlin, 1852. Imprime chez A. Bahn & Comp. a Berlin.

Catalogue from A. Asher and Co., bookdealer with locations in Berlin and London, 1852.

Title page, sepia toned, of book with text, in black, as follows: Removed to 389 Broadway. Catalogue of medical books, for sale by S. S. & W. Wood, 389 Broadway, New York. 1857. Notice. The names of the Authors are alphabetically arranged, and the list for each year is appended to that of the preceding year; and the lists severally commence at pages 3, 46, 56, 60, 64, 70, 80, 90, 99, 105, 112, 119, and the French Authors at pages 1, 8, 10, 14, 15, 18, 19 - S. S. & W. W. are continually adding to their already extensive collection, by importation from London and Paris, the late publications, as well as many of the older works, which are now becoming scarce and difficult to obtain. Professors of medical schools and popular lecturers will find here richly illustrated works in every department of Medical Science, plates of various sizes from 6 inches to 6 feet in length, plain and colored - in sheets, bound in volumes, mounted on rollers, varnished, etc., etc.
Cover has illustrations of a femur, a spine, a man with his leg in a sling, and the bones of a foot.

Catalogue for William Wood, publisher and bookdealer in New York City, 1857.