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Skeleton of a boy sitting on the 'D' of 'Dream', from Francesco Bertinatti, Elementi di anatomia fisiologica applicata alle belle arti figurative (Turin, 1837-39).  Artist: Mecco Leone. Lithograph
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A cadaver shows his dissected mouth, ribs and spine. Cropped from  Pietro Berrettini da Cortona, Tabulae anatomicae... (Rome, 1741). Copperplate engraving.

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Tabulae anatomicae...

Rome, 1741. Copperplate engraving. National Library of Medicine.

Pietro Berrettini da Cortona

Around 1618 Berrettini made a series of extraordinary drawings that were later forgotten and only printed in 1741. The figures are emphatic anatomical entertainers who solicit attention with aggressive body language.

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