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Skeleton of a boy sitting on the 'D' of 'Dream', from Francesco Bertinatti, Elementi di anatomia fisiologica applicata alle belle arti figurative (Turin, 1837-39).  Artist: Mecco Leone. Lithograph
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Reuniting the Divided Self

Katherine Du Tiel's Art of Anatomical Identity

The process of anatomy involves a prying apart of the self. The dissecting mind is divorced from the dissected body. Our identification with anatomical images always creates a mirror effect: anatomical representations are always both Self and Other. Katherine Du Tiel makes photographs of living bodies covered with projected anatomical images—a playful exploration of our continual attempts to synthesize the two, or perhaps an ironic comment on the impossibility of synthesis.

A hand with an anatomical illustration projected onto it. Cropped, from Katherine Du Tiel, Inside/Outside: Muscle/Hand (San Francisco, 1994). Photograph. Image © by Katherine Du Tiel

Dissection Scenes and Fancies
Dreaming Art Anatomy
The People's Anatomy
Dreaming the Industrial Body
Reuniting the Divided Self

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