A Second Course thus.
Collard Piggs.
Ducks 4. Teal 8. Larks 26.
A Cream Tort.
A Lamb rost in Joynts.
Jellys & Blemange. A Green Sallad.
Sherdoons. And Artichoak bottoms.
Pheasants 2. th Pullets n Eggs 2. Partridges 6. Cocks 6. Snipes 12.
A Patty of Scorsaneros, & Pettit Pattyes.
White Sallad.
Jellys & Blemange.
A Chine of Salmon, Soles, and Smelts.
Pippin Jelly Tart.
Chickens 12. Tame Pidgeons 12.
A Jole of Sturgeon