The Black Panther Party
The grand opening of the Bobby Seale People’s Free Health Clinic,

April 24th 1971
2:00 p.m.,
3236 Adeline St. Berkeley

A persons’ health is their most valuable possession. Improper health care and inadequate facilities can be used to perpetrate genocide on a people. The present fascist, racist government used its facilities for that purpose -- the genocide of poor and oppressed people. The people must create institutions within our communities that are controlled and run by the people in order to insure our survival. With this in mind, the Black Panther Party announces the opening of our first free health clinic in the Bay Area.

Also…free food & clothing on opening day

For further information contact:
Black Panther Party, Berkeley Branch
2230 10th St. Berkeley, Phone 848-7740

Serving the people body and soul