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[Right page, printed text] A dissertation on the recovery of persons drown’d.

As truth in general is of the last importance, not only in affording a noble and exalted satisfaction to the mind, but also in forming the morals, and, by that means, promoting the most valuable Interests of society; for nothing can be a greater Reproach to Reason, nor a more palpable affront offered to its august and venerable author, than that ignoble and unmanly turn of the mind, commonly known by the name of credulity, which is no more than an implicit contempt of reason, and all the mental powers, producing a propensity to believe certain tenets, doctrines, or facts, without that degree of evidence, which a mind studious of truth ought to require.

But however odious Credulity may appear, when painted in her native colours, she is nevertheless,

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