How did they ferment beer?

Introduction screen titled How Did They Ferment Beer.

Brewers learned how to make beer hundreds of years ago.

Illustration of yeast and a grain of barley.

The fermentation process begins by adding yeast to a mixture of grain, flavoring agents, and water,…

Illustration of yeast and sugar to be combined in a fermentation tank.

which are prepared to maximize their available sugar. Inside the fermentation tank the yeast converts sugar…

Illustration showing yeast being converted into sugar and then carbon dioxide and alchol.

into alcohol, carbon dioxide, and other products through a natural process known as fermentation.

Illustration of a fermentation tank, yeast converting into sugar and the final step fermentation, represented by a glass a beer.

The beer is prepared,…

Illustration of a glass a beer, the final product of fermentation.

and then is ready to be served.