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Transcript for original artwork for The Infinite Wait and Other Stories

Julia Wertz ‘11

[Top left panel]

The next morning:


[Top right panel]

[Woman’s thoughts] Aaah!! What the hell?!!

[Center left panel]

[Woman] …yeah, ma, it’s getting worse, it’s pretty much the worst. I can’t even get out of bed… No, I haven’t gone because I’m young and stupid and assumed it’d all just go away magically.

[Center right panel]

[Woman] Calm down, ma. No one ever died because they were in pain and couldn’t move… Oh, you’re right, that is exactly what happens to a lot of people right before they die…

[Bottom left panel]

[Woman] …yes, okay. I’ll call the doctor right now, I promise… Yes, then I’ll call you and let you know… Okay, love you ma, bye

[Bottom right panel]

[Woman’s thoughts] I feel like a 90 year old stuck in the body of a 20 year old woman who’s stuck in the mind of an 80 year old man.