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Ministry of Education, circa 1935.

Four images are shown: a human hand showing clean, trimmed fingernails; a woman with several children lined up in front of her, examining the hands of a young boy; a boy washing his hands in a tub of water; and an adult clipping a young girl's fingernails.

Hands hygiene - wash hands clean, wash before meals and after W.C., and cut fingernails regularly.

Three images are shown: Red lips opened slightly displaying healthy teeth; diagrams showing shapes of teeth and their roots, for both adults and children; and an image of a boy and girl, both brushing their teeth while holding cups and toothbrushes.

Brush your teeth morning and evening with your own toothbrush and cups.

Two images are shown: in the first, a boy opens double doors to the outdoors, with a dog at his side and the sun seen rising above distant hills; in the second, a boy opens a window while half-kneeling on a stool, a cat at his side and a desk with paper and writing implements to his left.

Let air circulate—open and close doors and windows.