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Family Planning icon. 5.	Two parents, a young adult, and a child stand close together, all smiling. A large red decoration is pinned to the jacket of the young adult. The child holds a spray of flowers and wears a red bandanna.  A throng of people in the background wave red flags.
Banner for Health for the People: Continuity and Change in Asian Medicine.
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Beijing, 1977.

Two women, one holding a baby, look at and listen to a third woman reading from a pamphlet. A valise with a red cross imprinted on it rests between the women.

It's good to have birth control.

Two images are shown: in the first, a smiling woman in a blue shirt hands a stack of red-bound books to another woman, also smiling. In the second, workers in a field focus their attention on a woman talking and pointing to images on a display board. A valise with a red cross imprinted on it rests between the speaker and the audience.  Other people and several red flags planted in the ground are seen in the background.

宣传晚婚, 移风易俗
Promote late marriage and transform social traditions.

Two images are shown: in the first, a thresher, a truck, and several workers are shown harvesting a field of grain. In the second, eight women walk single-file on a beach, carrying knapsacks and rifles. Several of the women wear matching red and black plaid shirts.

晚婚和计划生育有助于参加 妇女社会主义建设: 妇女能 顶半边天, 女民兵
Late marriage and birth control promote women's participation in socialist reconstruction.