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Woodcut disease man chart showing nude male figure facing front but looking to the left with right arm uplifted with lines leading from different body parts to disease names arranged around the edge of the page, from Johannes de Ketham’s Fasiculo de medicina. (Venice: Gregori, 1493).  NLM Call number: WZ 230 K43fI 1494.

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"Disease Man."
Johannes de Ketham.
Fasiculo de medicina. (Venice: Gregori, 1493).

This drawing serves as a diagram of the diseases that affect different parts of the body and is a famous example of Renaissance anatomical realism. Four columns on either side of the figure list diseases alphabetically, generally without relation to logic or pathology. Some diseases, on the other hand, are recognized as local: these are listed from head to toe, from quinsy of the throat and bad fingernails, to gout in the feet; in between, we see "running of the chest," arthritis in the arms, "passion" of the heart, cramps in the legs, and most strikingly, cancer of the testicles.
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