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A color ink drawing of a laboratory scene with one person in a protective lab clothing handles bottles while another works with a machine. A third person stands in protective lab clothing watching.

'100 to a Bottle'
(ink drawing with tempera on plastic, 30' x 40')
©May H. Lesser

Alongside the National Institutes of Health and the university medical centers, the private pharmaceutical companies contribute valuable research to medical progress. I studied at one company the development of a new drug to combat AIDS, which has cost millions of dollars and a decade of time to perfect. It is a compound that acts on the receptor of the AIDS virus cell and is activated by latching on to that receptor as soon as it binds with that cell, releasing an endotoxin that will kill the cell locally. I had followed the complete development of this drug, through various laboratories of high technology microscopes and computers and finally it is being pressed into tablets in an old machine that I am assured is still the best to use. It adds a human touch to the invisible-to-the-human-eye-work done in all stages before this one.