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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site

MEET LOCAL LEGENDS: By Medical Specialty


State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Patricia A. Thomas, M.D.

Patricia A. Thomas, M.D.

"Renowned pathologist, researcher and leader in diversity"

"I was the middle child of five and then lost a brother and a sister. I felt helpless but came to see that medicine could give me the information and power to battle illness."
Anatomic Pathology

Photo of Joyce McChesney, M.D.

Joyce McChesney, M.D.

"A service-oriented life and love of community"

"When I was four, my older sister died of complications from measles and that had a profound impact on me. Also, my uncle was a doctor whom my father had helped put through medical school and we had great respect and admiration for him. Then I entered the University of Rochester wanting to take pre-medicine courses, only to be told nursing was the only route open. I told my parents and my father said, 'If you want to be a doctor, don't let anyone stop you!'"
New York

Photo of Kathleen Hittner, M.D.

Kathleen Hittner, M.D.

"Inspiring Hospital Leader, Educator, and Clinician"

"My parents taught me to do something with my life. They got up at four in the morning to work. I always liked helping people, and medicine has given me that opportunity."
Rhode Island

Photo of Barbara Roberts, M.D.

Barbara Roberts, M.D.

"Astute clinician, author, deeply caring healer…"

"I was determined to be a doctor. I wanted to be something that was very far from the norm for women in those days and being a doctor was about as far as you could get."
Rhode Island

Photo of Debra R. Judelson, M.D.

Debra R. Judelson, M.D.

"Passionate proponent of women's heart health"

"I'm passionate about raising women's awareness of heart disease. Our biggest challenge is helping our patients understand their risk."

Photo of Margaret Allen, M.D.

Margaret Allen, M.D.

"Heart Transplant and Organ Donor Pioneer"

"I like fixing problems-in or out of the operating room. Cardiac surgery is a field where you can watch physiology in action. You see the heart beating, identify the problem and fix it, then watch the heart function better right before your eyes."
Cardiothoracic Surgery

Photo of Paulette S. Wehner, M.D.

Paulette S. Wehner, M.D.

"Leading Interventional Cardiologist and Educator"

"Women respond differently to heart attacks than do men. Women need different treatments, different therapies, and different recovery plans."
Cardiovascular Disease
West Virginia

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