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New Frontiers in Health Communication: Sesquicentennial banner
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Future: Information Systems Pace Breakthroughs in Medicine

"Artifical intelligence" systems that can provide expert medical diagnosis and management, new radiographic imaging techniques, the computerized medical record, information systems that support biomedical discovery as well as the dissemination of data: It's a future that NLM is working on now.

A strong health care system depends on easy access to existing information and the ability to communicate quickly and clearly. Progress depends on an education system that offers the latest in teaching tools to deliver the vast and ever-expanding pool of biomedical information simply and effectively.

NLM will continue to be a leading center of biomedical information as it sets the pace of technologies that allow health care professionals to have access to that information when and where they need it.

Surgery being preformed with a laser and clamps.

NLM's products and services support patient care. Even during surgical procedures, NLM information services are being consulted.

A woman retrieving a computer tape from the middle of an aisle containing shelves of computer tapes.

The NLM serves as worldwide source for all health professionals.

Color lithograph of the side view of a human body detailing the organs. The background of the body is a piece of yellow graph paper.

"Personality Essay," by Craig Dennis. This is a colored lithograph done in the 1970s. Dennis is a contemporary artist with an interest in medical subjects.