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Surviving & Thriving: AIDS, Politics, and Culture

Condoms as Safer Sex

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When you teach her the facts of life, remember the most important one today—condoms make sex safer, 1988

Local efforts, like this pair of posters from the mayor’s office in New Haven, Connecticut, allowed communities to provide specific messages based on the needs of their audiences. This more focused campaign to reach women, who frequently did not consider themselves at risk in the 1980s. By appealing to maternal instinct, this campaign urged mothers to support two generations of informed, educated women by discussing condoms and safer sex with their daughters.

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    New Haven Women’s AIDS Coalition of the Mayor’s Task Force on AIDS
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Black and white photograph of a White mother and daughter sitting down and holding hands and looking at the viewer.
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  • Black and white photograph of a pregnant White woman holding her stomach.
  • Black and white photograph of an African American woman sitting down and looking at the viewer.