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Surviving & Thriving: AIDS, Politics, and Culture

HIV Testing

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Everyone has a reason to get an HIV test, Westchester County Department of Health, 2001?

This campaign broadened its audience to reach White and African American heterosexual couples and reminding them of their equal risk.

  • Publisher(s):
    Westchester County (NY) Department of Health
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African American man and woman smiling at each other.

Some public health campaigns attempted to appeal to the reader’s sense of love, responsibility, or consideration for others by stressing the benefits of diagnosis for romantic and sexual partners. Targeting heterosexual couples, this campaign, from Westchester County in New York, emphasized that HIV could be spread and contracted by both genders and HIV/AIDS was a concern for all couples, regardless of race.

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  • Red tinted color photograph of a smiling white woman and man sitting on a couch.
  • African American man and woman smiling at each other.