Decision II [7 panel cartoon] When we last saw them, Julio had stormed out because Marisol had asked him to wear a condom. [Marisol standing in the window, male outside with the cityscape behind him] Marisol: I love you, but not enough to die for you. Julio: What do condoms have to do with love? What does she think I am? [Julio walking into storefront Marco’s cuchifritos. Store window lists platanos, pastelles, chicharron, cerve za fria, mavi friq] After walking around for a while, Julio decides to drop in on Marco and Miguel. [inside store Marco is behind the counter, Miguel is sitting on a bar stool. Julio is standing at the bar] Marco: Hey, Julio! Where’s Marisol? Julio: At her place, crying that if I loved her, I’d use condoms. Do I look like I need to use a condom? [close up of Marco speaking] Marco: Do I? But Marie and I use them. With all this AIDS stuff… why take chances? Right, Miguel? [Julio and Miguel drinking and talking] Miguel: Yeah, maybe if Raul and Antia used them, they’d still be around. [close up of Julio’s face] Julio: Your cousin… Antia? Miguel: Yeah… She died of AIDS a few months ago, and he’s real sick. [circular outline of Julio outside walking on a city street] Julio: Antia…Raul… AIDS… Man I’ve got to figure this all out. [end of cartoon] What will Julio decide? What will Marisol do? Send your ideas to: “Julio and Marisol” Box A1 125 Worth Street New York, N.Y. 10013 AIDS It can happen to you. The AIDS hotline (718) 485-8111 For the Hearing Impaired TDD (212) 532-8570/8663; David N Dinkens, Mayor; Woodrow A. Myers, JR., M.D., M.B.A., Commisioner, Department of Health [logo of New York city skyline]