Decision [6 panel cartoon] As the minutes ticked by, their passion grew… [Marisol and Julio embracing] Julio: Come on Marisol, prove your love for me. [Marisol holding up a condom] female: I love you, Julio, But if you love me too, use this. [Julio looking angry] Julio: A condom?! Don’t with that again! What do you think I am? [close up of Marisol crying in a heart shaped outline] Marisol couldn’t believe that Julio felt so insulted. [closed door] It’s clear you don’t really love me! Slam! [Marisol sitting on couch] Marisol: I love you, but not enough to die for you! [end of cartoon] Love is not worth dying for. Protect yourself, get the facts. Call 1-718-485-8111 the AIDS hotline. AIDS It can happen to you. [logo] City of New York; David N. Dinkens, Mayor; Woodrow A. Myers, Jr. M.D., Commissioner, Department of Health