While everyone was searching for a cure for aids, we discovered the cause. [image of Gaetan Dugas’ badge] Gaetan Dugas Employee Pass Airline Steward ID No. 3740291 Not Transferable The AIDS epidemic in America wasn’t spread by a virus. It was spread by a single man. Young. Egocentric. The star of the homosexual jet-set. A Canadian flight attendant named Gaetan Dugis, who continued to infect up to 250 men a year. Even after U.S. Health officials begged him to stop. In “Patient Zero: The Man Who Brought AIDS to California,” Randy Shilts chronicled the horror of a promiscuous man with a deadly disease. A disease that may ultimately threaten an entire nation. And the story appeared first in California Magazine. “Patient Zero” is the kind of involving journalism rarely found in America today. But the kind of articles our readers expect to find in California, every month. Maybe that’s why over a million opinion leaders in California, base so many opinions on what they read in California Magazine. Because no one covers California like we do. No one covers California like we do. California magazine [Text added to the photocopied article] Stop the spread of fear and ignorance!! Call California Magazine (415) 986-5196, Tell them what you think about their “kind of involving journalism…” The “patient zero” theory was dismissed in May by the same doctor who began it, was there a story in California Magazine about that? Ask them!! ACT-UP San Francisco This ad filled a half page in the New York Times on August 23, 1988