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Objects of Art: Colonel Harold W. Jones, M.D.

Portrait of Harold Jones

Location: Main Reading Room, Building 38
Portrait of Colonel Harold W. Jones, M.D.
Director of the Library 1936-1944
Artist: Rolf Stoll
Presented to the Library in 1944 by the Friends of the Army Medical Library

Dr. Jones had a diversified career, serving as Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at St. Louis University Medical School, and later becoming a Colonel in the Army Medical Corps assigned to the Army Medical School which was housed in the Army Medical Library and Museum Building. He also served as ship's surgeon, commander of one of the largest hospital centers in World War I - the Beau Desert in France - as Secretary-General of the American delegation of an international congress of military medicine, and as chief of the surgical services of several military hospitals. In 1936 he returned to Washington and the Army Medical Library to serve for nine years as its Librarian and Director.

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Last Reviewed: February 27, 2012