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Objects of Art: Colonel Joseph H. McNinch, M.D.

Portrait of Joseph McNinch

Location: Main Reading Room, Building 38
Portrait of Colonel Joseph H. McNinch, M.D.
Director of the Library 1946-1949
Artist: Lloyd Embry
Commissioned for the Libary by the Gilimore Beqest

Dr. McNinch taught in the Army Medical School, was Assistant Chief of the Medical Statistics Division of the Surgeon General's Office, and served in the European Theatre during World War II. In 1945 the Surgeon General named him editor-in-chief of the Medical History of World War II. Among the important actions that Dr. McNinch participated in were those concerning the location of the proposed new building, the future of the Index-Catalogue, and the charges for microfilm.

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Last Reviewed: February 27, 2012