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Cadaver buried February 7, 1828, and exhumed April 24, 1828
Fly, Woodcut engraving, 1894
Larvae, Woodcut engraving, 1894
Puparia, Woodcut engraving, 1894
Adult Green Blow Fly (Phaenicia sericata)
Adult Greenbottle Fly (Phaenicia coeruleivirdis)
Adult Bluebottle Fly (Calliphora vicina)
Adult Red-Tailed Flesh Fly (Sarcophaga haemorrhoidalis)
Adult Hairy Rove Beetle (Creophilus maxillosus)
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Fly, Woodcut engraving, 1894
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Upon a View of the Body

Fly, Woodcut engraving, 1894
Mégnin's study of the larval and adult forms of insect families found in cadavers, along with its detailed drawings of the distinctive anatomical parts of insects, inspired other researchers to study the arthropod fauna of graves, and the fauna and flora of mummified, or otherwise decayed, cadavers.
Pierre Mégnin, La faune des cadavers; application de l'entomologie à la médecine légale [The fauna of the cadaver; the application of entomology to legal medicine], Paris
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