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Infectious Disease

Infections Disease Posters montage featuring four posters. The left poster is 'Stamp' out tuberculosis is an illustration featuring Santa Claus holding up a letter. The next poster is Easy to get-- syphilis and gonorrhea featuring an illustration of a woman leaning against the wall of a building and smoking a cigarette. The next poster is Immunize and protect your child featuring a twelve-panel illustration about immunization. The last poster is Reward -- Recompense $1000 featuring an abstract pattern of a face formed by dots of varying sizes.

“The hyper-stimulus of modern visual culture from the nineteenth century to the present day has been dedicated to trying to saturate the visual field, a process that continually fails as we learn to see and connect ever faster. In other words, visual culture does not depend on pictures themselves but the modern tendency to picture or visualize experience. This visualizing makes the modern period radically different from the ancient and medieval worlds. While such visualizing has been common throughout the modern period, it has now become all but compulsory.”

  -- Nicholas Mirzoeff, An Introduction to Visual Culture