Theatre Royal, English Opera House, Strand.

The whole of the audience [Illegible] of the house has been embellished with new and splendid decorations. Twelve elegant new cut glass chandeliers have been added, and are to be lighted with wax; in addition to a new large centre gas lustre. The seats and cushions of the boxes and pit, and the whole upholstery work of the theatre, are entirely new.

This evening, Monday, July 28, 1823, Will be produced (for the first time) an entirely new romance of peculiar interest, entitled Presumption! Or, the fate of Frankenstein. With new scenes, dresses, and decorations. The musick composed by Mr. Watson.

“The event on which this fiction is founded has been supposed, by Dr. Darwin, and some of the physiological writers of Germany, as not of impossible occurrence.-I shall not be supposed as according the remotest degree of serious faith to such an imagination; yet, in assuming it as the basis of a work of fancy, I have not considered myself as merely weaving a series of supernatural terrors. The event on which the interest of the story depends is exempt from the disadvantages of a mere tale of spectres or enchantment; it was recommended by the novelty of the situations which it developes; and, however impossible as a physical fact, affords a point of view to the imagination, for the delineating of the human passions, more comprehensive and commanding than any which the ordinary relations of existing events can yield.” From the preface to the novel of Frankenstein.

The striking moral exhibited in this story, is the fatal consequence of that presumption which attempts to penetrate, beyond prescribed depths, into the mysteries of nature.

Frankenstein, Mr. Wallack,
De Lacey, (a banished gentleman) Mr. Rowbotham,
Felix De Lacey, (his son) Mr. Pearman,
Fritz, Mr. Keeley,
Clerval, Mr. J. Bland, William Master Boden,
Hammerpan, Mr. Salter, Tanskin, Mr. Shield, Guide, Mr. R. Philiips, Gypsey, Mr. H. Phillips, (-------) Mr. T. P. Cooke.
Elizabeth, (sister of Frankenstein) Mrs. Austin
Agatha De Lacey, Miss L. Dance,
Safie, (an Arabian Girl) Miss Povey, Madame Ninon, (Wife of Fritz) Mrs. J. Weippert.
Chorus of gypsies, peasants, &c. &c.
Messrs. Bowman, Buxton, Lodge, Mears, Povey, Saunders, Shaw, Sheriff, Smith, Taylor, Tett, Walsh, Willis.
Mesdames & Misses Bennett, Bessell, Dennis, Goodwin, Lodge, Jerrold, Southwell, 2 Stiltons, Vials, Vidall.
After which (third time this season) O’Keefe’s musical entertainment, called
The Rival Soldiers.
Captain Cruizer, Mr. Rowbotham, Serjeant Major Tactic, Mr. W. Bennett,
Lenox, Mr. Broadhurst, Sinclair, Mr. Pearman, Corporal, Mr. Mears,
Nipperkin, (third time) Mr. W. Chapman
In which character he will introduce the comick song of “The Nightingale Club”
Mary, Miss Holdaway
To conclude with (second time this season) the operatick farce, called
Sharp and Flat
Sir Peter Probable, Mr. W. Bennett,
Captain Belrose, Mr. Broadhurst, in which character he will sing “My native land, good night!”
Solomon Sharpwit, (second time) Mr. W. Chapman,
Nikey, (second time) Mr. Keeley, Brisk, Mr. Salter,Rosabel, Miss Holdaway, Jenny, (second time) Mrs. J. Weippert.
boxes 5s. second price 3s pit 3s second price 1s. 6d. lower galley 2s. second price 1s. upper gallery 1s. second price 6d. boxes, places, private and family boxes, may be had of Mr. Stevenson, at the box-fffice, Strand entrance, from 10 till 4. Doors open at half-past six, begins at seven-vivat rex!- No money return- Lowndes, printer. Marquis Court, Drury Lane.

The illuminated trellis arcades will be opened for the reception of the visitors of the theatre at second price, which will commence at nine o’clock.

In consequence of the encreased attraction of the revived opera, and the numerous demands at the box-office, the Knight of Snowdoun will be repeated on Wednesday and Friday.

Mr. Wallack (who can perform only for a limited period previous to his return to America) being nightly received with enthusiastick plaudits, will appear in a new character this evening; and repeat the character of Roderick Dhu, on Wednesday and Friday. Miss Louisa Dance will appear in a new character this evening; and on Wednesday and Friday, as Ellen, in the revived opera. Mr. W. Chapman, being nightly received with the greatest applause and laughter, will perform, this evening, Nipperkin, and Solomon Sharpwit; and on Wednesday and Friday, the part of Macloon. Mr. Rayner having received the most enthusiastick applause throughout his whole performance of the arduous character of Giles, in The Miller’s Maid, and the whole entertainment having been honoured with the acclamations of crowded audiences, it will be repeated to-morrow and Thursday. Miss Kelly will perform, to-morrow and Thursday, Phoebe, in The Miller’s Maid.

To-morrow, The Millers Maid, with (first time at this theatre) the Farcetta of Where Shall I Dine? and other entertainments. On Wednesday, The Knight of Snowdoun, with other entertainments.