The Family-Physician, And the House-Apothecary.


  1. Medicines against all such Diseases people usually advise with Apothecaries, to be cured of.
  2. Instructions, whereby to prepare at your own Houses all kinds of necessary Medicines that are prepared by Apothecaries, or prescribed by Physicians.
  3. The exact Prices of all Drugs, Herbs, Seeds, simple and compound Medicines, as they are sold at the Druggists, or may be sold by the Apothecaries.
  4. That it’s plainly made to appear, that in preparing Medicines thus at your own Houses, that it’s not only a far safer way, but you shall also have Nineteen Shillings in Twenty, comparing it with the extravagant Rates of many Apothecaries.

By Gideon Harvey, M.D. Physician in Ordinary to his Majesty.

The Second Edition, Revised by the Author.

Printed for M.R. and are to be sold by the Booksellers of London. 1678.