Head Qr Sepr 9th 1780

Dear Sir,

I have heard that a new arrangement is about to take place in the Medical Department and that it is likely, [it will] be a good deal curtailed with respect to its present appointments Who will be the persons generally employed I am not informed, nor do I wish to know; - however I will mention to you, that I think Doctors Craik & Cochran from their services—abilities & experience—and their close attention, have the strictest claim to their Country's notice, and to be among the first Officers in the Establishment.- There are many other deserving characters in the medical line of the army, but the reasons for my mentioning the above Gentlemen are, that I have the highest opinion of them—and have had it hinted to me that the new arrangement might might possibly be influenced by a spirit of party out of Doors, which would not operate in their favor. — I will add no more than that I am with the most perfect regd

Dear Sir, Your most obedt. Servt

George Washington