George Washington’s List of Slaves at Mount Vernon, 1799
Negros Belonging to George Washington in his own right and by Marriage
Names Ages Remarks Names Ages Remarks
Nat Smith His Wife Lucy D[ogue] R[un] dow[e]r Tom Davis B: layr Wife at Mr Lear's
George Ditto Ditto Lydia R[iver] F[arm] Ditto Simms Carpr Ditto Daphne–French’s
Isaac Carp[ente]r Kitty Dairy Ditto Cyrus Post[ilio]n Ditto Lucy R.F. GW
James Ditto 40 Darcus Muddy Hole GW Wilson Ditto 15 No wife
Sambo Ditto Agnes R.F. dowr Godfrey Cartr Wife Mima Mn. Ho. dowr
Davy Ditto Edy U[nion] F[arm] GW James Ditto Ditto Alla     Ditto     ditto
Joe Ditto Dolshy Spin[ne]r dowr Hanson Dist[ille]r No wife
Tom Coop[e]r Nanny Muddy Hole GW Peter Ditto Ditto
Moses Ditto No Wife Nat Ditto Ditto
Jacob Ditto Ditto Daniel Ditto Ditto
George Gard[ene]r His wife Sall D.R. dowr Timothy Ditto
Harry Ditto No wife Sla[min] Joe Ditchr Wife Sylla D.R. GW
Boatswain Ditc[her] His wife Myrtilla Spinr GW Chriss Ho. Ser: Ditto Majr Wests
Dundee Ditto His wife at Mr Lears Marcus Ditto no Wife
Charles Ditto Ditto Fanny U.F. dowr Lucy Cook Husband Ho[use] Frank GW
Ben Ditto Ditto Penny R.F. GW Molly No husband
Forrester Ditto No Wife Sall Ho[use] M[ai]d Ditto
Nathan Cook 31 Wife Peg Muddy Hole GW Caroline Ditto Husb[an]d Peter Hardman
W. Muclus B[rick] Lay[e]r   Ditto Captn Marshalls Ktty Milk Md Ditto Isaa. Carpr GW
Juba Carter   No wife Alce Spinr Charles Freeman
Matilda Spinner   Boson Ditcher Betty Davis Ditto Mrs Washington’s–Dick
Frank Ho[use] Servt   Wife Lucy–Cook Dolshy Husbd Joe Carpr GW
Will Shoem[ake]r   Lame–no wife Anna Ditto liv[in]g at George Town GW
    Judy 21 No Husband
    Delphy Ditto ditto
    Peter lame Kn[i]tt[e]r No wife
    Alla Ditto Husbd James Cartr dower
Amount 24 Amount 28
Passed Labour Will   Wife Aggy D.R. GW
Frank 80 No Wife     Ditto Sall R.F. Ditto
Gunner 90 Wife Judy R.F. GW Mike   No wife– son to Lucy
Sam Cook 40 Ditto Alce Muddy Hole Ditto Sinah   Husbd Miller Ben GW
      Mima   Ditto Godfrey Wag[one]r dowr
      Lucy   No Husband
      Grace   Husbd Mr Lear's Juba
      Letty   No husband
      Nancy   Ditto ditto
      Viner   Ditto ditto
      Eve 17 17 Ditto a dwarf
      Delia 14 Ditto her sister
      Phil   Son to Lucy
Amount 3   Patty   daughter to Ditto