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Exhibition Program

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The National Library of Medicine Presents:
Exhibition Program
Traveling Exhibition Installation Guidelines

Our Traveling Exhibitions


  • Do not remove the lid until the strapping and latches on both sides have been released
  • Inside: 3 round cylinders and 3 bags
  • Unzip the cylinder and carefully remove the graphic
  • Roll the graphic inside the cylinder to remove it
  • Prepare a clean surface for the graphic
  • Unroll the graphic, laying it flat
  • Remove the cardboard tube
  • Place the cardboard tube back into the empty cylinder
  • Remove the cloth bag from the container
  • To open the bag lift the Velcro tabs and remove the rod and base
  • Place the foot and rod aside for now
  • Hold the metal base facing up and insert the base into the slot on the bottom metal edge
  • With the base inserted into the slot, slide until it is halfway between the two screws
  • Assemble rod by unfolding it
  • Insert hook at top of the graphic into the rod
  • Lift the graphic upright
  • Insert the rod in the base, making sure it is fully inserted
  • Repeat for all 6 banners


  • Place one foot on metal base and carefully pull the rod out
  • Remove the rod from the top of the panel and lay the panel flat on a clean surface
  • Collapse the rod by pulling it slightly apart and folding it onto itself
  • Remove the base by sliding the base towards the slot and lifting the base out
  • Slide rod and base into the bag and secure the straps
  • Slide the cardboard tube across the top of the graphic
  • Flip over so graphic is facing up
  • Holding the cardboard tube, slowly roll the graphic onto itself
  • Place the rolled graphic into the cloth cylinder
  • Repeat for all 6 banners
  • Ensure both latches are closed properly and secure straps
  • Wheel to your FedEx drop off center
  • Enjoy your exhibition!

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Production Staff

  • Jill L. Newmark, Manager Traveling Exhibitions
  • Peter SanGeorge, Exhibition Program Assistant
  • Hillery York, Videographer, Exhibition Program Assistant
  • Filmed in the reading room of the National Library of Medicine
  • Music: Malt Shop Bop, Kevin MacLeod (